Monday, March 26, 2012

First Time- Miscellany Monday with Carissa at lowercase letters!

Today is my first Monday linking up with Carissa at lowercase letters.  I have come to love her blog and she is so sweet, her kids are adorable, and she is a real mommy like me, which I truly appreciate!

I figured Monday's are crazy anyways...why not do a meme that allowed for the craziness to ooze out!  Here we go...

1. My in-laws came for a visit this weekend...we ate lots, played cards, watched the Ohio State Buckeyes win and make it to the Final 4!

2. Friday was my wonderful husband's birthday.  This is Eric's last year in his 20's!  Next year I want to do something really special for him, so I have a year to plan! 
3. Saturday night was Molly's dance recital.  I was a parent volunteer back stage this year.  It was fun helping get the girls all ready, change their shoes, and watch their excitement as they get to go out on our high school's big stage with lots of lights.  Lucy was not as excited however, Eric and his dad had to leave early because Miss Thing was a wreck!
  4. Yesterday was my last Sunday as the Director of Early Childhood at our church...yep, I resigned about 6 weeks ago.  I will have more about that later this week, but needless to say it's been really hard, like imagine the ugly cry numerous times a day, yep, that's been me.  But I know God was behind this decision 100% of the way, so I know I was obedient to him when I made it. 

5. So now I am left to pack my desk up, gather all my belongings, and get the heck out.  Just kidding, but really I am packing it all up.

6. When the days are hard, and the answers are not known yet, I have these two faces to cheer me up!

 Happy Monday!


Jen said...

Just found your blog through the link up...what adorable girls you have, those smiles, I'm sure they just melt your heart!

Kristin said...

I'm catching up on your blog :) gonna go read the newer posts now!