Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Flashback Tuesday

I was looking through some older photo cds and came across pictures from my senior year of college.  Let me give you a back story...

Eric and I went to a Bible College in Knoxville, TN.  It was heaven on earth, located at the foot of the Smoky Mountains, beautifully placed, just gorgeous!  Each year we had an event on campus called "The Preacher Grand Prix."  Each class would build a little race car, have 4 runners, a driver, and race around the PW building {main building on campus at the time}.  I am sure some of you are thinking boring, and maybe it is, but to us, we loved it.  We had some friendly competition with each class, and it was just a fun thing to do.  Hey, we were poor college kids! 

Our senior team took a lot of inspiration from the people of Knoxville...aviators, cut off shorts, and Dale Earnhardt :) 


 The team gathering
 My oh so handsome husband, fiance at the time
 The Senior boys
 Getting introduced...our best friend, Eric
 My Eric
 The boys

 Our driver, Tiffany, bless her heart for riding in that car!
 After the race
 We won :)
 Everyone involved from building the car, 
racing it, and our senior leaders
Aww...good memories!


Unknown said...

I think it would be fun!!

Jennifer said...

Hilarious! Good times at ol JBC...excuse me, Johnson University :)