Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy 15 Months to Miss Lucy and a check up

Last Friday Miss Lucy turned 15 months old.  I sometimes have to remind myself she is over a year old, I keep thinking she is like 9 months old or something.  Crazy how time flies!

Today we went for her 15 month check up and shots.  You know you have an incredible nurse because Lucy only cried for 1 out of the 3 shots, and within 20 seconds of her last shot, the one she cried for, she was laughing at the nurse.  Our doctor and nurse rock!  Lucy is happy and healthy and I am so thankful that God has blessed her with health. 

Lucy is here what you are up to...
-Weight- 29 pounds 2 ounces...greater than the 95% :)
-Height- 31 1/2 inches...80%
-Head- 25%
-New words in the last couple months- a ton of animal sounds! Neigh, meow, woof, moo, oink, she also is saying thank you, here you go, there, Myme (Molly), all done, down, milk, more, and lots more.  These are the ones we actually can make out.  She jabbers constantly!
-Lucy is always on the go, last week she was standing on top of our kitchen table!  You can not leave her alone for a minute.
-Lucy loves bath time, like will throw a knock down, drag out fit when you take her out of the tub.  Lucy just loves water in general, she also cries when you turn the faucet off.
-Lucy is still wearing mostly 3T clothes, although we have to roll most of the pants, she needs the extra room in the waist :)
-Sleep comes and goes, some nights Lucy sleeps for 13 solid hours, other nights we are lucky to get 8 hours.  For the most part Lucy still takes 2 naps a day, I am trying to drag this out as long as possible.
-We haven't really met any food Lucy does not like other then grilled cheese, which I find hilarious!  She loves bread and cheese, just not together. 
-Lucy and Molly still love each other so much, it's so cute. 
-Lucy loves to read books, she will go through a stack a day, she will hand you a book and then turn around to back up to sit in your lap.

Lucy is hilarious, cuddly, ornery, shy, friendly, and so sweet.  It's been a crazy 15 months but we have loved every minute of it!



Unknown said...

Afton also went for her 15 month appointment last week. Somehow I never realized how close our girls are. Her measurements were almost opposite Lucy's. 19 lbs. (5%), 30" and her head was in the 75%. So funny how different babies grow. I love this age, and I can see you do too.

Unknown said...

that dress on her is so cute in the first pic

we get lots of jabbers here too, more than actual words!

Becca said...

Happy 15 months BIG girl! She totally outweighs Aubrey by a couple of pounds and that cracks me up! She is such a little cutie pie!