Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Hostess with The Mostess!

I love anything that will help further a greater cause...I really do!  That's why when I buy something or give a present, I am okay with spending a tad more because I know it's for a good cause.  That's why today I want to invite you to a special online party for my friend, Rachel.

Rachel is a fellow Pastor's Wife, has two sweet, sweet boys, and she is as precious as they come!  Although I have never had the privilege of meeting Rachel in person, we have talked on the computer for the last {almost} two years.  We are in a virtual community group together, all through Leading and Loving It.  Rachel is a stay at home mommy, which most of us can relate to, but she also just started selling Mary Kay again.  She is on her way to meeting all of her business goals and in the process helping women redefine true beauty.  See, Rachel is more about the feelings on the inside then the outside.  She gets true, God given beauty, even though her business is make up and beauty on the outside, she is far more about the beauty on the inside.  Rachel has a heart of gold, and it takes about .05 seconds to see that.

So here are the details of the party...if you or anyone you know loves Mary Kay, listen up...

You are invited to my Online Mary Kay Party all day on Monday, 3/19!
You'll love the fabulous products and personal service 
you'll receive from my wonderful Beauty Consultant! 
Visit her website any time on Monday...
When you place an order, please put my name 
in the comments box at checkout so she 
knows how awesome I am for sending you all!

There are some fun discounts for you too!
Orders placed on Monday, March 19 -
12 am - 8am ~ 20% off entire order
8:01 am-12pm ~ 15% off entire order
12:01pm - 8pm  ~ 10% off entire order
8:01pm - 11:59 pm ~ 5% off entire order

Shipping/Delivery is ALWAYS FREE!

Happy Shopping!


Amy said...

Love this idea promoting Rachel's business. I also love the offer of ordering with a discount :)

When we order does the discount automatically come off at the checkout time or is their a code? Also, do we just put your first name?
Do you mind to email me the answers? My email is linked to my blog acct.

Unknown said...

I don't buy Mary Kay but this would be a great opportunity for anyone who does!