Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just so I can remember my blessings...

This is a post more for me, just so I can remember all these blessings God has pour out on me.

We have been having incredible weather for it being March in Wisconsin.  Like record breaking weather, in a good way.  We hit almost 80 today, well I guess the day is not over yet, but at last check it was 77 degrees!  What the what?!  Usually we are dealing with snow, slush, just plain ugly weather.  We keep going back and forth from 50's, 60's, and now today 70's.  I love it, but I am worried this summer will be like 120, and you all know I hate the heat. 

Today I took the girls to the zoo with another lady from church and her son.  Molly and the other little boy are the same age, so perfect match.  They ran around and we chased them, I sweated, we laughed, Lucy rode in the stroller, ate packed lunch, we saw all the animals, some times two, and we ate ice cream. 

Tonight we are grilling out, and playing with sidewalk chalk and taking a walk.  Molly and Lucy have been having a ball riding in the Barbie jeep this year.  We took the governor off the engine, so Molly can now go 5 mph, trust me, that's fast when trying to walk behind them.  I think I could get my half marathon training in running after them.  Lucy down right loves the jeep, her job is to play the pre-programmed music on the radio.  She does her job very well.  So well in fact she will throw about a 20 minute fit when we take her out of the jeep.  Lucy is getting really good at being sassy and throwing fits.  I am a little terrified for the future, not going to lie.  Like we have people commenting on how well she says "no."  She uses such force and emotion behind it, what a drama queen, ha!

We signed Molly up for "summer school."  More like kindergarten prep our elementary school offers, it's a 7 week program this summer that will help her with maintaining what she has learned so far.  It was only $10!  She will go two days a week for 3 hours each day.  We are excited and so is she.  She loves school, so anything we can do to keep that attitude we are all about. 

It's just been a good couple of days...lately it hasn't been, but I think the weather just puts you in a good mood.  We have our windows wide open, we are breathing in fresh air, everything is grilled for dinner, so that equals barely any work for me.  I am getting ready to decorate for Spring/Easter, I love all the colors that represent this season.  So that makes me truly happy!

And lastly, most of you know I hate the heat, I already referenced that in this I could never live any where say Florida, where you have to keep your legs shaved daily and toes painted all year round.  But today I did just that, hey, in Wisconsin no one cares if your legs are shaved under your snow pants or what color is on your toenails under your snow boots, so anyways, I shaved my legs and painted my toe nails, and it just makes me feel more ladylike and pretty :) 


Unknown said...

I've def been enjoying the nice weather lately with the girls. Today and the next couple days we're supp to have rain though.

Kyndra has been asking to go to the zoo. Glad you got to go!

HappyascanB said...

I love love love this post!!!!! Lucy and my Molly seem to have similar attitudes!?!?

Sometimes it's the little things in life that are the biggest blessings!

For the record, this Georgia Peach doesn't shave her legs every single day. But I do keep my toes polished! Just makes your feet prettier, no? :-)

Kristin said...

Ha! It's time for me to paint all of the girly toes in this house. We haven't been keeping up lately. :D

Jenilee said...

lol so true! we don't have to keep up with that stuff for months each year! lol loved that ending :)