Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Has Sprung! And a DIY Wreath

One day last week Lucy and I decided to do a little shopping while Molly was at school.  Sometimes it's just easier to get things done with one kid instead of two.  And for us it doesn't matter which one, just as long as it's one.  So when I can go with one {or none :)} I always try and take advantage of that time!

Lucy and I decided to run into Joann's after we finished our other errands.  I initially went in looking for St. Patrick's Day bags to give the teachers at school a little treat and I walked out with so much more.  This happens to you, too, right?!  Thankfully I got a gift card for my birthday! 

Once inside I realized how long it had been since I could just browse the aisles.  Lucy was set in the stroller with a snack and I was intent on looking at everything.

Suddenly I found myself collecting items to make a Spring wreath...and some other little things.  I also found these two amazing robin's egg blue lanterns.  There were two of them on the clearance rack and at first I just kept walking.  Then I walked around that clearance rack like 15 more times, and finally I told myself to just get them!  They are so cute and I knew I would use them over and over.

On Friday afternoon I spent some time putting together my wreath. 
 What I started with...
 How it ended :)

Sorry there are no in between pictures, I just started and didn't stop till I was finished.  I learned two things while doing this wreath, my first Spring wreath...
1. My front door and screen door are too close together to put a wreath in between, so we hang our wreathes on the "beautiful" {insert sarcasm here} wall beside our front door, but my tree colored wreath blends a little too well with our wood wall...but I think the brighter wreaths, like the straw colored ones might be too bright, maybe.
2. When assembling my next wreath, hang it up, then decorate.  I stood over the top of it the whole time and then when I hung it up and was like, hmmm...maybe I should have placed some stuff differently, oh well! 

I love this big glass globe I got at Goodwill about a year ago.  I decorated it last year for Fall, Christmas, and this year for Valentine's Day.  So for Spring I was asking a friend what she does with her globe.  She told me how she puts a candle in hers, she grabs some cute garland and winds it up, then she puts it in the globe and voila.  I think I am way too OCD for that.  It didn't unwind nicely.  I kept playing with it over and over.  Finally, I just had to leave it and be okay with the final product.    

 Next the mantle...sorry for the blurry picture, not sure what happened!  Here are my lanterns I got...

 I got the little tree and eggs at the Dollar Tree, seriously, cute. 
 I used left over garland that I cut for this vase, I love the white!
 I originally got this pink bird to put on the wreath, I still want a bird or 
something on it, but I thought it looked cute in here. 
 My two shelves that I decorated, very sparsely!  Eric's motto is less is more...
aka...don't junk up our stuff!
 I got this little train at Goodwill, I think it's cute and vintage, 
and reminds me of a cute old grandma!

We are having incredible warm weather here, today it's supposed to be 80!  Hello, it's March, I live in Wisconsin, it should be 40's!  So seeing all these cute, colorful decorations just makes me so happy.  How do you decorate for Spring?


Jennifer said...

Too cute! Believe it or not, my Easter decor is scarce. Need to work on that! Love the lanterns!

Kelly said...

I love your wreath and decorations! Great job!

Unknown said...

I think you did great on your decor and love the color of those lanterns. Def springish! I actually haven't decorated at all. Not sure if I even will. Maybe ill put a wreath out.

Becca said...

how cute! I love all of your little springy decorations. I have plastic Easter eggs all around a candle in my globe.

I LOVE your wreath!