Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Miss Lucy is 16 months old!

Yesterday Lucy turned 16 months old!  Wow oh wow!  She is growing and changing it seems like daily!  I feel like her concept of the world and her vocabulary are exploding!  Lucy is pretty quick, sometimes a little too quick for this momma.  Molly and Lucy are still pretty much best of friends.  Lucy cries when Molly is gone too long and Molly is always the first one in Lucy's room in the morning. 

They both refuse to take a bath without the other, which sometimes is easy to just get both of them bathed, other times I end up losing my patience and getting soaked!  Lucy loves being outside, and hates coming back inside.  She still cries when I drop her off at the nursery on Sundays, good grief the chick has been in there since she was like 4 weeks old, she should be used to it by now!  But she only cries for me, no one else, but me!  I think it's more of a she is trying to make me feel good by crying, but I am so used to it now, it no longer phases me!  And it doesn't phase the poor nursery workers either, they are so used to it!

Lucy is also the master imitator...you do it, she imitates it.  It's pretty funny!  Lucy loves to play with babies, her Little People zoo and farm, legos, anything kitchen, phones, TV remotes, a lot of things she should not be playing with is what attracts her the most!  She also likes to stand on tables, chairs, counters, trust me, nothing is off limits here!

Lucy is now saying...where is it, where did it go, party, happy birthday, cupcake, achoo, more milk, she always says thank you, we are working on please, she also says oh no, "Melmo" for Elmo, Olivia- for the cartoon, and usually she will say something that you say, and you pretty much never hear it again!

Lucy is pretty fun to be around, for the most part.  She is one of the more difficult, high maintenance kids I have ever been around, she is her father's daughter :)  It's funny how different your two kids can be.  Molly is so easy going, literally, she likes to be on the go, Lucy, way more homebody and doesn't like riding in the car.  So we are trying to find a balance, mainly for my sanity!  But I adore how Molly and Lucy get along, how they look out for each other, and how they care for one another.  It melts my heart. 

Happy 16 months, Miss Lucy!!

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Jenilee said...

She is getting so big! it is so fun to watch your girls grow up :)