Thursday, April 12, 2012

My, oh my and a Winner!

Well, I guess Spring Break for Molly meant Spring Break from the blog, too!  It was an unintentional break :)  We have been busy doing something different everyday, and it's been fun.  It has caused me to break away from the routine and try something new.  Even new as in a trying a different park.  The girls have had fun, and so have I, but we are all ready for school to start again.  Molly has been asking how much longer till she can go back to school.  Hope she keeps that school love up all her life!  I sure didn't have that!

First to get started we need to declare a winner for The Mercy House giveaway...
The winner is Lauren!!  I will email you Lauren with all the details!  Congrats!  And thanks to everyone who entered!  We will have another fun giveaway from DaySpring next week, so check back!

So again, in pictures, and not all instagram this time, ha, here has been our week!

On Saturday morning our little village had a town Egg Hunt for the was quick to say the least.  They lined all the kids up from ages 0-10 on one side of the grass and then scattered candy on the lawn, blew a horn and the kids took off.  By the time Lucy and I got about 5 feet, Molly came back and said the candy was all gone!  She still had fun putting candy in her basket, and all Lucy wanted to do was eat everything we collected!

On Saturday night we decided to dye our eggs.  Eric's mom gave us some goose eggs to color when they came to visit.  They are so much fun because they are huge!  As I was giving Lucy a bath I left Molly to the expertise of her dad and Uncle Nick.  They had fun...Molly tolerated them, ha!

In the process of having fun this week, I got my haircut by the sweetest girl from church.  I think I was more excited to go sit in her chair and talk!  She did a fabulous job!!
On Easter morning the girls were excited to see what the Easter Bunny brought...Molly is really into flowers and gardening, so she got her own gardening tools, gardening gloves, a pot to plant flower seeds, and some other little odds and ends.  Lucy got some little stacking and shape toys, sunglasses, and a Max and Ruby coloring book.  She loves Max and Ruby, it's so funny! 
My children hate "formally" posing for pictures, this was the best I got from Molly.  Their dresses matched, well coordinated, same print, different styles.  When my mom comes to visit, we are going to get their pictures made, and I pray they smile for them!
We have been to 3 new parks this week.  The girls have loved every minute of it.  Last Friday we took a picnic lunch with us.  Molly thought that was so cool, all she wanted to do was eat, all Lucy wanted to do was run around.  Eric and I both were good and tired when we got home!

On Tuesday I took the girls to the Mitchell Park Domes here in Milwaukee.  I have always wanted to go there since we moved here.  So I finally did, and it was awesome.  They have 3 very large, indoor domes full of flowers, trees, and plants.  They have a Tropical Dome, a Desert Dome, and a seasonal/special exhibit dome.  Right now the seasonal is all set for Easter/Spring blooms, and it looks so pretty!  I have heard people getting professional pictures taken there, especially at Christmas time because they have it so decked out and it's gorgeous looking.  And since Molly is really into flowers right now, I figured she would enjoy the trip, too.  I will spare you with just a couple pictures, since I literally took 174 pics to be exact.  It was too pretty not to capture, and the lighting was gorgeous in there.  I can't wait to go back!

That's been our week in a nutshell!  We have been busy, we have been lazy, we ate a special lunch out yesterday, we have had lots of fun!  I also have been cooking and baking all sorts of new recipes off of Pinterest.  I can't wait to share those with you!  Have a great Thursday!

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Unknown said...

you have been busy! how awesome you went to all those parks. the one w/ the domes sounds really neat. I know Kyndra would love that. She'd want to pick all the plants! lol