Thursday, May 31, 2012

The 7 Year Slump

On Monday, Eric and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary.  Overall the day was great...on Sunday night we got a play set for the girls so we spent a little bit of Sunday night and most of the day Monday putting it together.  By we I mean, Eric put it together, I wrangled the two anxious girls that wanted to go outside all day.  Not sure who had the harder job, ha!

Being married 7 years has really had me reflecting.  Being a marriage counselor by trade I know most of the sayings/phrases that go with certain years in marriage, so with it being our 7th year married all I can think about is the "7 year slump."  I guess people figure by now you have sunk into a routine with your spouse and you are either high and flying, or low and slumpin'.  Three years is the magical number for some couples, they either decide to stay together or get a divorce.  So we made it past the 3 years, now onto the 7th year.

Eric and I went out to dinner on Monday and we both started reflecting on everything over the last 7 years.  Here's how it all started in 2005...we graduated college on May 13, got married on May 28, left May 29 for a week long honeymoon, got back on Saturday night-whatever that date was, and Eric started his first ministry the next day.  To say whirlwind would be an understatement since it hasn't stopped yet.  I guess we do things fast and furiously, which is funny since both of our personality's are way more cautions and thought out.

But I wouldn't change it at all, and that's mainly because of who I have experienced it all with.  I fell in love with Eric when I was in 3rd grade...okay so maybe that wasn't love, but really when I was 15 he absolutely stole my heart and I knew I wanted to marry him like right away.  Which scares me to have two girls of our own, if one of them came home when they are 15 and tell me they found the love of their life, I might laugh and then ramble on about youthful ignorance, or something.  But my parents were gracious enough to let me go on and on about this wonderful fellow I wanted to marry.  I seriously wanted to have a wedding not a graduation party when I finished high school.  Thankfully that did not happen!  We waited until we graduated from college and I was so anxious I went ahead and graduated a year early.

For me Eric is every lovey cliche out there...he is the sweet to my sour, the ying to my yang, the bbq sauce to my chicken wings, you know, it could on and on.  But I will spare you all :)

I guess I wouldn't say we are in a slump, I mean we just celebrated the 7th year 3 days ago!  But there have been slumpin' times over the last 7 years, and there have been wonderful off the charts times, I think it is just the flow of marriage.  One thing that has truly helped Eric and I is our friendship.  We were friends before we were partners.  So sometimes it might be hard being Eric's wife but it's easy to be his friend.  Our friendship was built on common interests, on humor, on the ability to share life together, then our love for each other grew out of that.

So although the last 7 years have been some of the hardest in my life, they also have brought me the most joy, love, fun, and overall happiness I have ever experienced.  And that's because I got to share them all with my best friend, my husband, my constant supporter, and my most favorite person of all, Eric.           


Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary! Such a sweet post!

HappyascanB said...

Precious post! Praying God blesses your socks off during this 7th year, friend!

Unknown said...

:) great post Kate! A happy anniversary to the both of you with many more happy years ahead!!

laura pickett said...

That's a really sweet post! It gives us something to strive for in another 6! Thanks for the marriage insight in counseling and outside of it!

Jenilee said...

Happy Anniversary! Honestly, year 7 was really hard for us but we were at a new church, we had 3 little kids... but now, at year 11, I'm so thankful for the rough times that build our marriage in deeper ways. Check out my post today... I wrote about marriage.

Hugs and loved your wisdom shared today!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

What a sweet, beautiful post! And, Happy Anniversary to you!

Becca said...

I LOVED this post! You guys are so sweet together! I wish you two many, many more years of happiness!