Monday, May 7, 2012

Miscellany Monday

It's been awhile...but I am back :)

Last week was crazy and full of some firsts for our family...

-On Wednesday night I was watching a friend's 2 girls, while her and Eric were at a meeting for church...all was going well, we had a snack, we played at the park, we were walking home from the park, Molly takes off running and BAM!  Face first into the ground.  I was behind her about 10 feet with the stroller, and at first like most moms, I was like "you are fine!  Get up!"  Oh she got up, turned around and blood everywhere.  I mean like Halloween horror film, blood everywhere.  I had no idea where all the blood was coming from, plus I had 3 other little girls with me to care for, too.  So we start walking home.  I had nothing, like not even one tissue with me to give to Molly.  Thank the Lord we live 6 houses away from the park, but it was still a painful walk home for Molly.  She was bleeding from her mouth, elbow, and knee.  There's a nice trail of blood on the sidewalk from her, you are welcome lovely neighbors :)

So we get home, I am trying to get her cleaned up in the bathroom, Lucy is running around everywhere, pulling things out of the trash, unrolling all of the toilet paper, anything she could possibly get into, she did.  Then one of our little friends peed her pants, and Molly is still screaming in pain.  At this point I wanted to wave the white flag, give up, and go to bed.  Then I looked at my phone and realized I had at least another hour alone with these 4 kids before any sort of help would be on its way!  So what did I do?  I just laughed.  It was that or cry, and I figured the kids had been traumatized enough, I didn't want to add to the years in therapy for them.  So Molly got cleaned up, our little friend got cleaned up, Lucy went to bed, and all was well with the world.  Well, all was well until Eric got home and decided we needed to take Molly to the ER.  I figured she was okay since the bleeding had stopped, but Eric was worried, which usually I am the worried one, so I figured we better take her then.  So Eric took her to Children's Hospital and good thing we did.  She didn't need stitches, but they cleaned her lip out really well.  Her tooth also chipped in the fall, so the part that chipped off went in her lip, so when they cleaned out her lip the chip came out.  Good thing because that could have caused an infection.  The next day we went to the dentist, no permanent damage was done to her tooth, and they didn't even need to file it down.  They took x-rays of her lip and teeth and everything looks good. 

Molly through the whole thing did so incredibly well.  Eric said she didn't even cry at the ER, and they were yanking her lip all around.  Same at the dentist, they had to manipulate her lip for the x-rays, and she just sat there, not a peep.  She has not even taken Tylenol or anything since the night of the accident, nor really complained about her lip.  She's a trooper!
 Wednesday night when the accident happened
Friday afternoon, it's getting better!!

So now Molly looks like someone drew half a mustache on her lip, it's so funny and makes you think "what did you do?!"  Then you realize, oh you have a bruise, ha!

-My unofficial training began last week, and I finally broke the 3 mile barrier.  It didn't happen on purpose, I got lost in the dark and had no choice but to make my way home, which turned out I ran 4.33 miles!  I think it was one of my proudest moments.  I know I still have many more miles to go, but breaking that mile barrier was huge for me.  So now this week I am going to keep running around 3-3.5 miles, then do one long run, which hopefully will be 5 miles.  So each week I am going to slowly increase by half a mile or a whole mile.  

-Mother's Day is coming up, how are you going to celebrate?  I am not sure what we are doing, Molly said she wants to eat outside, so we will see.  Hopefully the weather is nice.  I feel like it's either super hot or it's freezing cold.  Today it rained all day, like ALL day.  

So I guess I wasn't all that miscellany for today, but I wanted to share Molly's poor, pitiful story.  Have a great Monday!


Unknown said...

oh my! I'm so glad Molly is ok. Looks like her spill was a doozy! And I know you had to be a little frazzled with all the kids needing something at the same time.

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Oh no!! Poor thing. But what a trooper... my goodness she is a brave one! Glad to see she is healing up well. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day. It is a day of celebrating for us... Mother's Day, graduation and my birthday! :)

Jenilee said...

oh, that is awful! poor baby! glad she is ok and that they were able to help you get her all cleaned up. no fun!