Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What a Week and a Winner!

Seriously, I go away for one week and come back to this new and improved blogger look?!  I feel like an old person complaining, something new to get used to I guess, ha!  Anyways...your suspense can end now...Kelly is the winner from the DaySpring giveaway!!  I will email you Kelly with the details.  Thank you all for entering!

Last week Eric and I were extremely blessed and encouraged to attend a church planting conference called Exponential.  It was in Orlando, and it was AH-MAZING!  I feel so refreshed, renewed, and just like a new fire has been lit inside me.  We heard awesome speakers, we had some fabulous worship time, and it was nice to just get away with Eric, kid free!  The whole theme of the conference was "Sifted."  We talked about Luke 22: 31-32 where Jesus prays for our faith to overcome our troubles.  Man, oh man!  We listened to story after story of people being sifted and what they went through, how they overcame and what they are doing about it now.  I still get goosebumps thinking about some of those stories.  We met a man and his wife who are planting a church in Toronto, he was just given 3-6 months to live.  And yes, they are still planting that church.  When he was speaking there was pretty much not a dry eye in the place, but he said something to the effect of, "God has a part to play in all of our stories, and I want him to get all the glory in my story.'  Seriously, wow!  We all prayed for a miracle for him and his wife, it was so awesome to be part of a faith community where we all just stopped what we were doing, the conference paused and we prayed.  Something the church should do more often. 

Eric and I met some really great people while in Florida.  We met a guy who is planting a church in our hometown, and I kept saying no way, I am surprised you even knew about it, and he looked at me like I was crazy, and then said, I went to school with you!  Haha, I felt so dumb!  I didn't recognize him at all!!  We saw people we went to college with, including our very best friends, Kim and Eric.  They just planted a church in Danville, Virginia.  It was so nice to catch up and talk face to face!  We had such an amazing time we signed up to go again next year!

Also in Florida I got to see my very best friend, Adrienne.  We have been best friends since kindergarten!  She lives about an hour away from where we were, and I only got to see her once, but next year I know I will see her more when we go down!  I also got to meet her newest addition to her family, Ruthi.  Ruth joins big brothers Titus and Malachi.  I love her sweet family and I love her!  It did my heart so much good to see my two best friends in the whole world!

The condo we stayed at had a little water park, it had a lazy river, water slides, and some really nice pool/play areas for kids.  We went up and down those water slides like we were 10 years old.  We had so much fun!

It was just an incredible week of fun, encouragement, and pure bliss.  The girls stayed with Eric's parents and wore them out!  They had a great time and Molly cried yesterday because she missed grandma already.  Lucy did amazingly well considering she has not stayed away from us.  It was nice to see them and hug them on Friday night.  I swear Lucy grew like 6 inches from when we left to when we came back!  Even another mom at school today commented on how tall she looked.  Lucy learned new words while we were gone, so she is busy saying movie, toys, baby doll, and all sorts of other babbles!  Now back to the grind...my half marathon training unofficially officially starts today!  I have 4 months from today to train my body to run 13.1 miles, yikes!  Will you all pray for me, I am so nervous about this and have procrastinated long enough!  I need to just as Nike says "do it."  That's about all from here, time to finish putting suitcases, clothes, and all sorts of fun stuff away!  Have a great day!!  


Cali and Steve VanHorn said...

KATE! We were at that same conference! Wished I had seen you! We saw others from college. There were so many people there though. We loved it and it was so helpful for us!

laura pickett said...

Looking forward to hearing more about it in person! Sounds like it was awesome! Plus I love shauna niequist so you'll have to tell me what you thought of her too! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

Jennifer said...

Aww! It makes my heart happy to see these pictures! I sure do love my life now at 29 years old, but I sure do love our college days too! :) I will definitely be praying for you and training for your half. One of these days I'll get into that whole running thing, ha!

Amy said...

It sounds like you had a great time! I know what you mean about your kids growing while you were gone. Any time I go away, I always feel like my kids have grown so much.

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Sounds like a wonderful time of getting filled up and encouraged. Love your pictures...you look adorable!

Unknown said...

Certainly sounds like you had a great time!!!!