Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Yesterday while going through a Bible study one of the questions was about the characters in the story we were learning about and after reading all about them list one word to describe them.  This question intrigued me because I have clearly never met Mary and Martha {the ones I am learning about} so it was hard to describe them from what I just read.  Maybe Martha felt misunderstood, or Mary felt like she came off lazy.  It all came down to those one words I chose for them.

Then I thought about the question personally.  What is one word that someone would use to describe me, or better yet, how would I describe myself to a stranger in one word.  And the word that keeps popping in my head is genuine.  Here is one of the definitions Webster's Dictionary uses to define genuine: sincerely and honestly felt or experienced genuine love>.

For me being genuine comes natural, I know no other way to be.  My genuineness goes both ways, too.  Whether good, bad, happy, sad, up, down, you will know and see it all.  I wear my heart on my sleeve, and my emotions on my face.  Sometimes it's a blessing to be so genuine...people tend to like realness, not fakeness.  But it's also a curse in some ways...people sometimes don't know how to handle so much openness and I am still working on boundaries.  Sometimes I am known as an over sharer.  I try not to, but I can't help it that within in the first 10 minutes of meeting me you will know my life story, my birth stories, all about my faith, and how terrible I am at cleaning.  

I try not to overwhelm people, I really just want to encourage people to be themselves, and to share their stories.  It's amazing once someone shares something with you, you almost look at them in a different way.  It's like you gain a new respect for them and what they are going through, or went through.

What's one word you would use to describe yourself? 


Veronica said...

I'm so the same way regarding sharing a lot! It's hard not to when you feel like you connect with someone! I think being genuine is awesome. Putting up fronts or trying to pretend you're someone else is pointless!

laura pickett said...

Loved your post! Your absolutely right about really appreciating learning about another through their genuineness. I love that about you! I consider myself genuine, but need to work on being more open and less guarded sometimes, thanks for making me aware :)