Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Inspired to Action

First I would like to thank you all for the emails, texts, messages, etc on the anniversary of Andy's death.  Each one meant so much to me, so thank you.

One thing that has been weighing heavily on me the last couple months is getting inspired to actually change.  I have the greatest of intentions, I could win an Olympic medal with the good intentions I have, but I have really bad follow through.  I will get an idea for a craft, go buy all the stuff, get home and it sits, or I start and then it sits.  Same goes for getting healthy, getting organized, etc.  I start out of the gate really well, then about the first 20 yards I slow down, and by the end, I am not even on the track anymore.  I have totally wandered off the path.  So 2012 was going to be the year I stopped sucking.

Again, great intentions...I made my list of goals, got going with some, and then busyness hit, then resigning from my job hit, you name it, it happened.  Now I feel like I am getting back on track with ambitions and dreams, and everyday life.  Depression is a real struggle for me.  I have shared that numerous times before.  It's super easy for me to get down, and stay down.  I still am able to semi function during the down times.  People tend to think of me as introverted, or quiet, not depressed.  But depression effects everyone differently.  For me it is withdrawal, less ambition, a messy house, lots of snapping at the kids, etc.  Now all of you are going to think you are depressed, ha!  But truly, those are some signs for me personally.  Anyways...what I have come to learn, and it's about time, is that when the wind of inspiration blows, go with it.  Follow it wherever it leads and never let go.  Sure, I may get off track, but eventually the wind will pick back up and take me with it again.

The winds of inspiration blew earlier this year when I decided to run a half marathon...I am not sure why on earth I followed that wind...I have never.ever.never done anything like this!  I hardly exercised to begin with let alone running!  But I went with it, it's taken me to some new places, I have had conversations about running with people I really have nothing else in common with, but it's opened doors to other conversations because we share in running, but running has also taken me low.  I have a bum knee...and I still don't know if I will run in this half, but I am going to try, I take it day by day, or as us runners say, run by run.  Yea, I don't really talk that way!

Another way the wind is blowing is with this blog.  I am inspired to change some stuff up.  Don't worry you will still be able to come here and see funny pictures of my kids, laugh at my mishaps, and share in my sassy-ness and messy-ness I call life.  But it's going to look a little different pretty soon and I am really excited to share that with you.

But until then get inspired friends.  Even if it's just for a little bit, or for one project, go with the wind.  One thing that helps me tremendously to feel inspired is to read what others are doing...so go on with your blog updates, Facebook statuses, and instagram pictures...inspire others, and get inspired yourself.

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Kelly said...

You are an amazing lady, and an inspiration to me!