Saturday, July 21, 2012

It's A Wrap

Another week has come to a close and soon another week will start.  But the coming week is an exciting one in the Ferguson house...we are taking our first official family vacation.  We are going to a lake cottage that a very generous family is letting us borrow for the week.  We leave Monday, you know when the high here is supposed to be 103 degrees!  I guess the lake will feel good that day!  So we are busy doing laundry, packing, playing, and enjoying all today will bring and all the past week has brought us.

Yesterday when we got up I was shocked and saddened to see the news.  I can't even imagine being in a dark movie theater when someone opens fire on you.  Helpless does not even seem to begin to describe their feelings.  I went to college with one of the injured in the theater, Lucas Smith.  Luc and his wife, Heather, were there seeing the premier, he was shot 8 times.  The bullets are all in his upper leg, where they will remain.  The doctors decided it would do more harm then good to take them out, so he will have a permanent physical reminder everyday of his life.  Please pray for him, and his wife, and for all the other victims and families.  I am just so saddened and heart broken for this whole situation. 

Molly is really getting into music now.  Well, she has always loved music and dancing, but now she is interested in learning the words and actually singing along to the music.  She knows all the words to all the songs they sing at church, and she knows some other songs, but we are looking for some more fun kids cd's for her to sing along to.  So if you have any suggestions let me know, Molly's birthday is coming up quick, and I thought she would love some new music when she turns 5!

I feel like summer is coming to a close quickly.  We actually on Molly's birthday for her school pictures and form drop off, but school doesn't start till Sept. 4.  I got most of her school supplies yesterday.  I never thought I would be that mom to buy them so early, but the sales were good, and we got some stuff for our Operation Christmas Child boxes, too.  Molly actually doesn't need that much for kindergarten, now first grade next year, whoa!  She does need a public library card, so I think we are going to go on her birthday and get her one.  Molly loves the library, so that will be super exciting for her.

Lucy is fighting some gross cold or allergies, or both.  Poor kid is one snotty mess, and she is a little grumpy.  Hopefully some nice lake water helps her next week, ha!  She will be fine once grandma and papa get here.  Both girls will be so excited to see them, Eric and I will be, too!

Tomorrow I am attempting to run 7 miles.  I haven't been able to break the 6 to 7 mile barrier yet.  Tomorrow is the day.  Eric is going to drop me off at a trail and I am going to run home.  I have no choice but to run home.  I am nervous, excited, and scared I am going to get lost!  The trail splits at some points, so as long as I keep bearing towards the left Eric tells me I will make it home.  I have never been on this trail before, so pray I don't get lost!    

I think that's it, that's all, that's a wrap!


Unknown said...

enjoy your vacation!!!

Jenilee said...

yes, enjoy your vacation and I hope that your run went well!

Kristin said...

Hope you made it home from your run and are having fun on your vacation! :D