Friday, August 31, 2012

Child Training Bible

A couple weeks ago I posted a picture on Instagram about getting our Child Training Bible around, and the response on there and on Facebook was a resounding "tell me more!"  Which I don't blame you, I would be the very same way!

A couple months ago I won a giveaway on my friend, Stephanie's blog, actually I was second, the first person picked never responded, too bad for them, hooray for me!  Especially since I really wanted do this with Molly and eventually Lucy.  So I was sent the Child Training Bible kit and it sat.  And it sat some more.  Then finally I got around to ordering Molly a Bible, and getting the rest of the supplies you needed to complete the training Bible.  Then once everything arrived and I got it started, it just was time consuming.  I wasn't able to sit down and get it knocked out all at once, so I did mine in mini-sessions.  But I finally finished it last night and I couldn't wait to share it with you all today.

A couple of disclaimers, if you go to the Child Training Bible website they have tons or reviews and how-to's.  I briefly read some of them, and I did not watch any of the how-to videos, after doing it, I am now 50/50, part of me wishes I would have watched the videos, but the other part of me is like "it's done now!"

The hardest part of the process for a Type A/OCD person like me was getting the post-it flags just right.  Finally Eric gently told me to stop being so neurotic  Which he was right, I was wasting so much time fixing and readjusting the flags, that I was missing the whole point of putting the Bible together.  So once I got over that and figured I can always readjust later, the most important thing is marking the page and highlighting the scripture.  So here is my quick overview of supplies and putting the Bible together.   

 You can use any Bible, I went with this one because it's the same version the elementary area uses at our church, and I like how it is designed for beginning readers.  They do suggest you get a Bible with certain dimensions, this one did not fit those, but the version was more important to me then the dimensions.

Here are the other supplies you need.  I just ordered them from Amazon from the link on the webpage.  I figured if I didn't do it that way, it would probably sit on my shelf for a little while longer.  You need 7 certain colors to match their color code and then post it flags those same colors.  It was just easier for me to get it all the same and click, click, I had it all in about 2 days.

 The above two pictures show you what you get in your kit.  They have everything broken down into categories and verses.  It's wonderful!  See all those colors, that's why you need to match their colors with the highlighters and post it flags.

On the back of the scripture cards they have questions for you and child to go over during your training moments.  So say your child is having a day full of being defiant.  You can look up a verse about defiance, and then flip this card over and go through the questions/suggestions.  So this really helps you to not just recognize your child's issues, but how to Biblically help correct them/address them. 

When flagging the scripture you will go across the top of the Bible, down the side, and across the bottom.  They suggest you use a pencil to write next to the highlighted verse what the verse about, ie: anger, pride, etc.  Sometimes you have so many verses highlighted on the same page, so this will help you pick out which offense you are looking for. 

The Bible dimensions come into play because they suggest you tape the first page {the one with the plant on it} to the front of the your Bible.  And then they say you can stick the other 3 cards in the back of the Bible since you need the backs of those cards to have the questions to ask your child.  I just used a butterfly clip to keep all my stuff together in our Bible.  Again, the version was a bigger deal to them then the size.  

At the end your Bible will look something like this, even though you can not see the top or side tabs.  

Again, for a lot more detailed way to put it together watch the videos, and the kit does come with instructions.  So you are not totally left hanging!  I am looking forward to using this with Molly and Lucy.  I think it will be helpful and hopefully life changing for them.  I know by looking up scripture when they are naughty is not going to totally change them into perfect angels, but I do believe in the power of hiding the Word in your heart and hopefully one day it all will click with them.  Plus, it will help me not be a total hot head and lose my cool with my kids.  Really, how could you yell while reading scripture?!  Hopefully I don't!

Hope this helps some of you and brings some encouragement! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Quick Mix Chocolate Cookies

Here is another quick and super easy cookie recipe for you all!  This is one your kids can help make, too. 

It's called "Quick Mix Chocolate Cookies."  I am not sure where it comes from, I just have the recipe written down on scrap paper, so someone must have given it to me years ago.  I used to make these when Eric was a youth minister and we needed a quick snack or dessert.

1 box of Devil's Food Cake Mix {I also have used plain chocolate, too}
1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil
1 Teaspoon Vanilla
2 Eggs
1/4 Cup Sugar 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
In a small bowl measure out the sugar
In a medium/large bowl mix together, cake mix, oil, vanilla, and eggs with a spoon, a dough will start to form
Shape the dough into round balls, roll in the sugar, then place on an ungreased cookie sheet {I usually use parchment paper when making cookies, so easy!}
Space the balls about 2 inches a part so they won't run into each other when they bake
Bake 10-12 minutes
Cool about 1-2 minutes on the cookie sheet, then transfer cookies to a wire cooling rack or wax paper on the counter

Voila!  Quick, easy, and delicious!  Depending on how big you roll the dough balls will determine how many cookies you get.  I think I get almost 2 dozen, but I usually never end up with what the recipe says you will get.  And also for you calorie counters, there are only 70 calories in each cookie! 

I would love to share a picture with you all, but these don't last long in our house!  Enjoy!

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Final Countdown

Is that song playing through your head, too?  Yea, I thought so!

Well, one week from tomorrow is my half marathon.  I am a whole mixed bag of emotions right now.  People keep asking if I am excited, and I tell them, "when it's done I will be excited!"  Seriously, I am looking forward to crossing this finish line more than giving birth to my children.  Every bone, muscle, and tendon hurts in my legs right now.  Even my toes hurt, it all hurts.  Tomorrow will be my last long run till the race, then this coming week are all 2-4 mile runs, or as real racers call it, jogs. 

I am praying I can overcome the soreness to really make this last week count.  I also am having regret start to set in like I should have done this, eaten that, not eaten that, trained harder, etc.  But I have that with everything in my life.  I am not sure I have ever felt 100% satisfied.  Looking back now there are a lot, I mean A LOT of things I should have done differently, like stretch more, eat more protein, take calcium pills, I am telling you a lot of things that could have aided in my training.  But I am the typical naive is bliss and just do it, then think about it later.  Hence why I never took Lamaze, I figured the nurses would tell me what to do, and they did.  However, I do not have a nurse training with me telling me what to do, that would have been nice.

So here's to one last week of training hard, eating what I want on days I run, because when this whole thing is over I have to actually be serious about eating healthy and exercising.  I mean how else am I going to fit in all my new jeans that are 2 sizes smaller then the ones I wore last year :)  

Thursday, August 23, 2012

What I Want Molly's Teacher to Know...

I feel like school is in full swing this year.  We still have over a week before Molly starts, but ideas and thoughts all about kindergarten have been swirling through my head for months now.  We are not necessarily new to school, she was in 4K last year.  But we are new to the whole all day long thing, you eat lunch there thing, and what not.  Molly is beyond thrilled, I still get a churning feeling in my tummy when I think about her being responsible for eating lunch and throwing the trash away.  Someone we know is sending their oldest off to college this week and we were talking about the mixed emotions of her child leaving home.  Everything she described for her 18 year old, I am feeling for my 5 year old.  Did I teach you this, are you okay with that, are you prepared, where have I failed you?!  I keep playing scenario after scenario in my head until anxiety totally washes over me and I have a panic attack.  Happy School Year, right?! 

I am sure by now you are thinking I am crazier then normal, which I might be, but I am being totally, 100% honest and open about my feelings.  We have chosen for numerous, numerous reasons to not home school, and I am feeling confident in that, trust me, no regrets from this public school sending mom.  But that does not stop me from wanting to go down to the school, introduce myself to Molly's teacher and tell her everything about my child, my first born, my strong willed baby, my stubborn yet empathetic Molly.

Next Wednesday is meet the teacher night, and we will be there.  We have all the supplies ready to drop off, and our teacher gift wrapped.  We will politely hand off the gift and supplies, do some chit chat with other parents and kids and leave to come home.  No mention of how wonderful my kid is.  And here is why, it's going to take about a week or so for this teacher to figure out the kids and their parents.  She is going to know who the talkers are, who likes art, and who really has no desire to raise their hand when answering a question.  She is also going to know all the parents business, because face it, your kid reaps what is sewn into their life.  They also repeat just about everything, take it from me a former preschool and kindergarten teacher.   

I also want to tell the teacher I got your back, I am with you, I will be here to help, you can count on me.  Again, I won't verbalize that next Wednesday.  My actions will speak louder than words right now.  It won't take her teacher very long to see who really does have her back verses who just sends their kid everyday.

I am extremely blessed that we were able to choose to live in a school district that has small class sizes, that is ranked in the top 1% in the state of Wisconsin, and where kids can experience a lot of great things.  I am also blessed that I am able to help out at the school, that there is an open door policy with the principal and teachers, and that my kid loves school.  So while next Wednesday I want to totally bombard the teacher with fun facts about my kid, I will do the most important job here at home and that is pray for Molly, pray for her teacher, pray for the other teachers, and for all the kids at the school.

Here is what I am learning, I can't teach Molly everything, I can not shield her from everything, but I can pray about everything, I can pray she makes wise choices, I can pray she chooses to follow God, and I can pray about everything else.  And for this anxious mom, that brings me peace like a river.       


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Making It Official...Molly is 5!

Yesterday Molly had her official 5 year check-up at the doctors.  Yesterday was also Eric's first time taking both girls to the doctor by himself.  I enjoyed typing that just as much as you did reading that!  I work all day Mondays, so it was up to super dad.

Photo from Molly's birthday, since dad was a little busy to snap one himself!

Molly weighed in at 55.5 pounds {95%}, and she is 47.5 inches tall {95%}...almost 4 feet!  She had her vision and hearing tested and I am assuming that went well, since when I asked Eric he wasn't sure.  He was a little preoccupied keeping a certain 1 year old out of the cabinets and drawers.  Both girls got flu shots, and Molly is up to date on her vaccinations and ready for kindergarten.  School starts 2 weeks from today and all that is left to get is an art smock for Miss Molly.  

Summer is coming to a close, temps are cooling off, and the leaves on my tree in the front yard are telling me Fall is right around the corner! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Miscellany Monday

I feel like compared to two weeks ago, we are boring now!  Which isn't too bad if I do say so myself...

-Lucy has officially transitioned to one nap a day.  It was sad for me to see the morning nap go, but it has been so nice to run errands and not worry about the time we are gone.  So far so good with her sleeping about 3-3.5 hours...and now that will be jinxed, ha! 

-Molly finds out who her teacher is on Friday.  We are excited to see what kids from her 4K class will be in her kindergarten class.  I don't know the teachers, so I am not too concerned about that. 

-On Thursday night we have a Family Ambassador picnic at school.  I am involved with a new program that helps welcome new families to our school.  We don't have a real transit school, since there is literally one lot left in our whole town to build on, and the owners are not selling.  So it's not like new subdivisions are popping up left and right, which is why we bought our house where we did.  But for those who are fortunate enough to move into our district, or transfer here, we hope to welcome them in a friendly way.  I really pray all these families come to our little picnic and feel like they have friends or at least people that look familiar to them on the first day of school.

Truthfully, that is all I can think of right now.  Told ya I was boring!  We really are gearing up for school, my half marathon, a busy season of ministry with Ridge groups kicking off in a couple weeks, and just life with a busy 5 and 1 year old!  Have a great Monday!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pinned It...Did It!

I love Pinterest...well, love may be an understatement!  I am good at copying others, so I love to see what others come up with, pin it, and sometimes maybe attempt it.  I finally got to a point where it was like why don't I do some of these things?!  You know stop being the lazy man's pinner, and get motivated.  So I challenged myself to do 1 pin a week.  It could be a craft, recipe, activity with the girls, or bake something new.  It's been fun.  Trust me, you can also get in on this challenge, 1 pin, that's all.  Here are some of the things that I have pinned and did! {Click the links to get recipes or instructions}

 I made this cake for a group of friends and they all loved it!  I made it in a cake pan and then took a cookie cutter to get the heart shapes.  I also used just plain old Hershey Syrup for the topping.  I liked the cake, but it was really too moist for my taste, and it stuck a little in your mouth, but I would eat it again!

I love this because who really needs to eat a whole batch of cookies?  Mix it with some vanilla ice cream and you have the most delicious treat!  I have made this a handful of times and sometimes I think it tastes awesome, other times it's just okay.  But I am not one to turn down a cookie, I mean really?!

So I have made this recipe twice, but have never eaten it.  I made it for new moms, and both of them said it was good!  It's super easy to make and I used boneless chicken for it, not the boned in chicken it calls for.  I will be making this for my family next week!

Really, not sure it could get any easier than this!  This was delicious, easy to make, and pleased even some picky eaters!  It's great reheated, too!

My husband loves stuffed peppers, I however do not, until I saw this recipe from Skinny Taste about using ground turkey instead of beef.  That's been my dilemma I really do not like ground beef or tomatoes, but this recipe has me a stuffed pepper lover!  Even Molly who doesn't like mixed stuff, likes this! 

Finger Paint on Canvas
I did not use a specific tutorial for this project.  I talked to a couple of my friends that had done it before with their kids.  But there are like 100 pins for this project, so you can easily find one.  I used a flat canvas (not a wrapped one), white craft paint, stickers, and finger paint.  I chose a quote, which was really hard!  Figured out how many stickers I needed and then plotted it all out.  Once the stickers were on I painted over the whole canvas with white paint.  A friend suggested this helps the stickers stay in place when the kids paint over them.  It worked!  I actually did two coats, but I think one would be good.  Then Molly went to town finger painting the canvas.  We did this for a gift for my mom's birthday.  Once it was dry, about a day or 5-6 hours, I peeled all the stickers off.  Not sure if it was the two coats of white paint, or the stickers/canvas I chose, but those things were hard to peel off!  It was like wallpaper, I got the top off but the sticky part was still stuck on the canvas.  So after much peeling and scratching, all the stickers were off, and I forgot to take a picture of the final product, but voila, awesomeness!  Molly was pleased, and Grandma was happy for her handmade birthday gift!

Wow, as I go back through some pictures and pins I realized I have done a lot more then I originally thought!  I will post some more in the next couple weeks.  I love finding a good recipe and fun crafts!  Enjoy pinning and doing!      

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Overwhelmed is how I would describe my life right now.  I feel overwhelmed in some good ways, bad ways, and anxious ways.  I had a panic attack at work today just thinking about everything I want to do, need to, and wish I had time to do.  Between school starting, PTO responsibilities, being a mom, slightly working lady, pastor's wife, hospitable one, etc, life has got me overwhelmed!

This is not a whoa is me post, nor is it for anyone to give me tips or tricks on how to prioritize or pair down my life.  I have given myself enough shame on you and what were you thinking pep talks lately.  I am reaching in and talking to you, yes, you, the one who is also feeling overwhelmed.  How are you doing?  You hanging in there? 

I finally got to the point today, after some chocolate, that I made a list of everything that has me down...I wrote down every task I need to do, every book I want to read, and all my last minute summer ideas for the girls.  It felt good to get it all out.  Even if I never do any of it, it just felt good to release some of it. 

Besides chocolate and a good phone conversation with a friend, here is what I am clinging to...

I know God has it all...and I need to trust His leading, not my own.  Sometimes I don't always have to jump and be the yes person, sometimes I need to allow others to jump and say yes.  So here's to the tired, overwhelmed, burdened, {insert your own description}.  May you find rest, comfort, and feel His presence all over your life. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Molly is 5!

Last Wednesday Molly turned 5 years old!  I thought it would be fun to re-create her day through pictures :)  The night before her birthday my mom and I decorated a little table and window with streamers, a banner, and some other odds and ends.  I also taped crepe paper on her door, so when she woke up the birthday celebration would get kicked off!

Last night being 4!
Good morning, I am 5, and I am barely awake, and I am wearing a tutu 
my grandma made me, and did I mention I am barely awake?! 
Opening a couple presents
Wednesday was also Molly's form and fee drop off day, and school picture day!
She picked out her outfit to wear, it was an early birthday gift!

Now she can open the rest of the presents once daddy got home

CD Player/Alarm Clock...
Trying to figure it out!

New soccer cleats, a surprise gift from her dad!  
He picked them out all by himself, too!

By request, strawberry cupcakes with strawberry shortcake frosting on them!
Make a wish!

Of course Lucy is excited for cupcakes!

All and all it was a great day!  At the school Molly told everyone she saw, friend or stranger that it was her birthday!  She chose to eat at Red Robin for dinner, and it was delicious!  Happy 5th Birthday Miss Molly!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Better late then never, right...and here is what I will be blogging about all week...

1. Molly turned 5 last Wednesday and just in case we forgot, she reminds us on an hourly basis...she also has told me now that she is 5, she is almost grown up, almost :)

2. Lucy got her first official haircut on Friday...bye bye mullet! 

3. 3 weeks from tomorrow Molly starts kindergarten...still mulling over how I feel about this.

4. Eric is Molly's soccer coach for her soccer team this fall and spring...he is still mulling over how he feels about me volunteering him!

5. I am working on a chore/allowance/behavior system for Molly.  I am having a really hard time with the money aspect.  I want her to understand the value of money, but I also feel like money is a big deal and not sure how I feel about her earning it.  I don't know, so any advice would be awesome.

6. I have been challenging myself to make something new from Pinterest every week, like a meal, craft, etc.  Can't wait to share what I have done lately and hopefully provide y'all with some inspiration, because if I can do it, you can do it, too.

7. I ran 10 miles yesterday, 10, double digits, oh my word, 10 miles.  I am sore today, but I did it, no walking, no nothing, pure jogging, 10 miles, just in case you didn't get that 10, ten.  Wow.

8. I ran into a sweet lady tonight and her daughter at the library.  Funny thing, Molly and this lady's daughter were in swim lessons together 4 years ago!  The girls started playing before I saw the other mom, and it was like we were all instant friends.  In the meantime she had another girl and so did I.  But in the craziness of playing at the library and trying to keep 4 girls under control, we didn't get a chance to exchange info.  I am praying that God reconnects us again. 

Well, I am off to put a tired *almost* grown up 5 year old to bed...late...very late for her.  But it's almost the end of summer, we Skyped with Papa and Neesie, and now she is relaxing and so am I!  Happy Monday Night!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Better Than Your Grandma's Banana Bread

I wanted to share with you all my recipe for banana bread.  It's super easy, and tastes delicious!  I got this recipe, and pretty much all my recipes from my mother-in-law.  She truly should put together a cook book! 

I hope your family enjoys this recipe as much as my family.

Sour Milk (Milk and Apple Cider Vinegar)
Very Ripe Bananas
Baking Powder
Baking Soda

Heat your oven to 350 degrees, and grease a loaf pan...I usually put the shortening on a plastic baggie and spread it around the pan, then flip the bag inside out, voila!  No mess greasing :)

With a handmixer or a kitchen mixer mix...

2/3 Cup Sugar and 1/3 Cup Shortening
Add 2 Eggs, and mix...
 Mix in 3 Tablespoons Sour Milk and  1 Cup Mashed Bananas...
*For sour milk use 3 tablespoons milk and 1/2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
*I generally use more then a cup of bananas, but you need at least 1 cup
In another bowl sift together...
2 Cups Flour
1 Teaspoon Baking Powder
1/2 Teaspoon Baking Soda
1/2 Teaspoon Salt

Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients and mix together.  I usually fold the dry ingredients in a little bit at a time since I use my Kitchen Aid mixer, and I don't fee like wearing all the flour! 
Once everything is mixed together, transfer it to your loaf pan...
Bake at 350 degrees for 50-60 minutes...and then enjoy!