Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ccccatchin' Up

Man, oh, man!  Yesterday I opened my computer for the first time in 10 days, glorious!  I love having little tech breaks, not from busyness, but from time well spent with the ones you love.  Last week my in-laws drove into town, then we all hit the road and left town for a couple days.  We had no cell or Internet service where we were and it was marvelous! Not that I consider myself a tech junky, but I can get caught up in checking Facebook and Instagram probably more then one needs to in a day.  So it was nice not having that ability, and just spending quality time together.  We went to a cottage on a lake, and it was awesome.  Some very wonderful people blessed us with a week stay for free.  We brought our own food and supplies, but they supplied the house, the boat, the jet-ski, and the views all free of charge.  It was a little warm, they have no A/C there, but we managed and spent some fun time together huddled in the basement in front of the fan playing cards.  The girls did well.  The only time they have been on "vacation" has been to my in-laws house.  So for being away from home for the first time, they did great.  Molly was awesome all last week.  Like so good in fact Eric and I kept asking ourselves, "who is this kid?!"  We never had to get on her about anything, it was a nice break from the usual.  Lucy on the other hand was all over the place, literally and figuratively.  She got into everything, which is to be expected since she is 20 months old!  But she was happy one minute and screaming bloody murder the next.  I am very thankful for my in-laws help, or we might not have made it the whole week!

We left the lake Thursday to come home, do laundry, and re-pack.  We went to Madison on Friday and Saturday.  On the way there Friday we stopped at a place called Little Americkanna.  It is like an old time carnival/fair with rides.  The rides were all from when our parents were kids and even some from when we were little kids.  Molly and Lucy both had fun riding the rides.  It rained while we were there, but it passed and we continued to ride the rides.  Once we got to Madison, we checked into our hotel.  We stayed at a really nice one that had a mini-water park for the kids in the swim area.  The girls had fun and so did the adults :)

On Saturday we went to the Madison Farmer's Market.  It was HUGE!  Like seriously thousands of people huge!  We stayed about 2 hours because it was so big and there were tons of people and it easy to lose someone on the group.  The market is set up around the state capital building which is neat, and you walk in a big square to see everything.  It was neat, and something to say we have done. 

We headed home Saturday afternoon, made a big home made meal and relaxed.  Sunday morning after breakfast my in-laws left to go back to Ohio and tried to go back to life as normal.  I ran 8 miles on Sunday, something I have never done before.  This week I try for 9...wish me luck!
 I am still a little stuck in vacation mode, but I need to snap out of that quickly.  Next week is Molly's 5th birthday, and school pictures the same day!  Molly start soccer at the end of August, and school the first week of September.  The summer is flying by...which is fine with me, I hate the heat and love the Fall! 


Becca said...

What sweet pictures of your family! I really love the one of you and Eric! So glad you guys had such a great time together!

Kelly said...

Loved the pictures! Sounds like a wonderful vacation!!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Looks like a wonderful time! Love the pictures. =)

Unknown said...

Molly and Lucy are a lot like Kyndra and Lainey. lol

Glad you guys could get away and it is nice getting a tech break!!