Friday, August 31, 2012

Child Training Bible

A couple weeks ago I posted a picture on Instagram about getting our Child Training Bible around, and the response on there and on Facebook was a resounding "tell me more!"  Which I don't blame you, I would be the very same way!

A couple months ago I won a giveaway on my friend, Stephanie's blog, actually I was second, the first person picked never responded, too bad for them, hooray for me!  Especially since I really wanted do this with Molly and eventually Lucy.  So I was sent the Child Training Bible kit and it sat.  And it sat some more.  Then finally I got around to ordering Molly a Bible, and getting the rest of the supplies you needed to complete the training Bible.  Then once everything arrived and I got it started, it just was time consuming.  I wasn't able to sit down and get it knocked out all at once, so I did mine in mini-sessions.  But I finally finished it last night and I couldn't wait to share it with you all today.

A couple of disclaimers, if you go to the Child Training Bible website they have tons or reviews and how-to's.  I briefly read some of them, and I did not watch any of the how-to videos, after doing it, I am now 50/50, part of me wishes I would have watched the videos, but the other part of me is like "it's done now!"

The hardest part of the process for a Type A/OCD person like me was getting the post-it flags just right.  Finally Eric gently told me to stop being so neurotic  Which he was right, I was wasting so much time fixing and readjusting the flags, that I was missing the whole point of putting the Bible together.  So once I got over that and figured I can always readjust later, the most important thing is marking the page and highlighting the scripture.  So here is my quick overview of supplies and putting the Bible together.   

 You can use any Bible, I went with this one because it's the same version the elementary area uses at our church, and I like how it is designed for beginning readers.  They do suggest you get a Bible with certain dimensions, this one did not fit those, but the version was more important to me then the dimensions.

Here are the other supplies you need.  I just ordered them from Amazon from the link on the webpage.  I figured if I didn't do it that way, it would probably sit on my shelf for a little while longer.  You need 7 certain colors to match their color code and then post it flags those same colors.  It was just easier for me to get it all the same and click, click, I had it all in about 2 days.

 The above two pictures show you what you get in your kit.  They have everything broken down into categories and verses.  It's wonderful!  See all those colors, that's why you need to match their colors with the highlighters and post it flags.

On the back of the scripture cards they have questions for you and child to go over during your training moments.  So say your child is having a day full of being defiant.  You can look up a verse about defiance, and then flip this card over and go through the questions/suggestions.  So this really helps you to not just recognize your child's issues, but how to Biblically help correct them/address them. 

When flagging the scripture you will go across the top of the Bible, down the side, and across the bottom.  They suggest you use a pencil to write next to the highlighted verse what the verse about, ie: anger, pride, etc.  Sometimes you have so many verses highlighted on the same page, so this will help you pick out which offense you are looking for. 

The Bible dimensions come into play because they suggest you tape the first page {the one with the plant on it} to the front of the your Bible.  And then they say you can stick the other 3 cards in the back of the Bible since you need the backs of those cards to have the questions to ask your child.  I just used a butterfly clip to keep all my stuff together in our Bible.  Again, the version was a bigger deal to them then the size.  

At the end your Bible will look something like this, even though you can not see the top or side tabs.  

Again, for a lot more detailed way to put it together watch the videos, and the kit does come with instructions.  So you are not totally left hanging!  I am looking forward to using this with Molly and Lucy.  I think it will be helpful and hopefully life changing for them.  I know by looking up scripture when they are naughty is not going to totally change them into perfect angels, but I do believe in the power of hiding the Word in your heart and hopefully one day it all will click with them.  Plus, it will help me not be a total hot head and lose my cool with my kids.  Really, how could you yell while reading scripture?!  Hopefully I don't!

Hope this helps some of you and brings some encouragement! 


Stephanie said...

Love this post! So glad you won this and excited for you to use it with your girls. This is really such an awesome parenting tool!

Becca said...

I am so glad that you posted about this. I was very curious about it after I saw your picture you posted on instagram {I think that is where you shared it}. Sounds like an amazing thing to do!

Unknown said...

I wonder if you could use something like that for adults. I'm always scrambling for a verse and I wind up googling it to find what I was looking for.

It's beautiful the way it turned out!