Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday to Miss Molly!

 Today marks 5 years since Miss Molly entered the!

When I really sit and think back 5 years I realize how fast kids grow up.  I look at her dependence on me, or lack thereof in some ways.  She went from relying on me to feed her, clothe her, bathe her, to now I hear "I can do it!"  Molly was my baby that shouldn't of been.  Time and time again we were told no kids, no kids, no kids, time and time again God heard our plea for his will to be done, and time and time again God heard me sob and cry to just hold a baby.  I still remember the day I found out I was pregnant with Molly, Nov. 28, 2006 {Nov. 28 was my due date with Lucy :)}, I was in the shower, crying, yelling, crying a lot more, just begging God to take my desire away to be a mom, I was so tired of seeing the negative test results.  "Spare me, please!" might be a direct quote I said that day.  Then for some dumb reason I took another test and I saw the faintest plus sign, a plus sign?!  What was this?!  I have never seen that before, and that my friend was Molly. 

Molly is the perfect fit for our family.  From the beginning she had no chance but to be an extrovert.  We drug her around everywhere we went.  When Molly was born we were in the process of raising two years worth of salary to move here.  So we went from house to house, meeting with our friends and loved ones, and Molly came to every visit.  Plus, who is going to say no to new frazzled parents and a newborn.  We moved when Molly was 8 weeks, she has really only known Wisconsin to be her home.  Poor kid growing up in the land of Packers and Badgers!

Molly is my pride and joy, my emotional roller coaster, my very sensitive, strong willed, confident, and friendly little girl.  She has never met a stranger, and she loves everyone without judgement or comparison.  Molly has no idea that she possesses the gifts of grace and mercy.  I think that's one of the things I love most about her.  She has never held a grudge or unfriended anyone.  Quite the opposite, if you ignore her, she will try harder to be your friend.

I pray that Molly grows up always loving God, and that she still declares Jesus as her best friend when she is 15 like she does at 5.  I pray that she continues to express love, kindness, and compassion along with her funny sense of humor.  I pray she honors God with her thoughts, words, actions, and body.  I pray other kids see something different in her and that she is able to point them to God even if she doesn't use words.

Molly, these last 5 years have been so amazing with you.  You made me a mom, and for that I am forever grateful.  You have given me a new sense of confidence and faith in God.  When I see you I believe in hope all over again.  Thanks for being my first born, my curly haired girl, and my best friend.  I love you, Miss Molly Ann Ferguson.




Alison said...

Happy Birthday, Molly! I love that God blessed us both with adorable, blond, curly-headed 5 year old girls! Pure joy!!! :)

Becca said...


Happy birthday little Miss Molly! You've got BIG things coming your way!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to you Molly! You have certainly grown so much and I can't believe you are 5!! You are a beautiful little girl ♥