Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Making It Official...Molly is 5!

Yesterday Molly had her official 5 year check-up at the doctors.  Yesterday was also Eric's first time taking both girls to the doctor by himself.  I enjoyed typing that just as much as you did reading that!  I work all day Mondays, so it was up to super dad.

Photo from Molly's birthday, since dad was a little busy to snap one himself!

Molly weighed in at 55.5 pounds {95%}, and she is 47.5 inches tall {95%}...almost 4 feet!  She had her vision and hearing tested and I am assuming that went well, since when I asked Eric he wasn't sure.  He was a little preoccupied keeping a certain 1 year old out of the cabinets and drawers.  Both girls got flu shots, and Molly is up to date on her vaccinations and ready for kindergarten.  School starts 2 weeks from today and all that is left to get is an art smock for Miss Molly.  

Summer is coming to a close, temps are cooling off, and the leaves on my tree in the front yard are telling me Fall is right around the corner! 


Veronica said...

Yay for Eric taking both girls! Fernando has never done that before and I doubt he would ever be so brave!

I'm excited for you and Molly and the start of new school adventures. I can't wait to hear all about it! :)

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to 5 yr. old Molly! Hope she has fun on her new school adventures...as Ver said!