Monday, August 13, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Better late then never, right...and here is what I will be blogging about all week...

1. Molly turned 5 last Wednesday and just in case we forgot, she reminds us on an hourly basis...she also has told me now that she is 5, she is almost grown up, almost :)

2. Lucy got her first official haircut on Friday...bye bye mullet! 

3. 3 weeks from tomorrow Molly starts kindergarten...still mulling over how I feel about this.

4. Eric is Molly's soccer coach for her soccer team this fall and spring...he is still mulling over how he feels about me volunteering him!

5. I am working on a chore/allowance/behavior system for Molly.  I am having a really hard time with the money aspect.  I want her to understand the value of money, but I also feel like money is a big deal and not sure how I feel about her earning it.  I don't know, so any advice would be awesome.

6. I have been challenging myself to make something new from Pinterest every week, like a meal, craft, etc.  Can't wait to share what I have done lately and hopefully provide y'all with some inspiration, because if I can do it, you can do it, too.

7. I ran 10 miles yesterday, 10, double digits, oh my word, 10 miles.  I am sore today, but I did it, no walking, no nothing, pure jogging, 10 miles, just in case you didn't get that 10, ten.  Wow.

8. I ran into a sweet lady tonight and her daughter at the library.  Funny thing, Molly and this lady's daughter were in swim lessons together 4 years ago!  The girls started playing before I saw the other mom, and it was like we were all instant friends.  In the meantime she had another girl and so did I.  But in the craziness of playing at the library and trying to keep 4 girls under control, we didn't get a chance to exchange info.  I am praying that God reconnects us again. 

Well, I am off to put a tired *almost* grown up 5 year old to bed...late...very late for her.  But it's almost the end of summer, we Skyped with Papa and Neesie, and now she is relaxing and so am I!  Happy Monday Night!


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Sounds like lots of fun stuff happening there, Kate! I don't think I am following you on pinterest... what is your account name there?

Jenny said...

My kids only get paid for certain chores. They are expected to make their beds and clean up after themselves, so those chores are just a part of being a family member. They can make 25 cents for things like feeding the dog, sweeping, wiping down counters, etc. Sarah usually makes about 50 cents a day and Samuel can make up to $1. He is really into earning money. Madelyn doesn't care about the money yet and she still has a hard time picking up toys and making the bed, so I want her to be able to do those things before we move on to anything else. Baby steps!

Unknown said...

I've looked at a lot of ideas for chores/allowance and I think I agree the most with the approach Cindy Colley and her family used. She suggests that kids be given an allowance as a way to teach them to be good stewards. It should not be continent on chores because as a part of the family, chores are each person's responsibility - not something they should earn money for. I had never thought of that before! She does suggest that if chores aren't being done, that you can charge your kids for the cleaning they didn't do. Ha! I think you would love her is the article about chores:

Kelly said...

Great job on 10 miles!!!!! I cannot even imagine that! :)

Anonymous said...

Jace has a difficult time relating HOW MUCH money he needs to get anything... so what we've done is had him pick out something he wants (we give him choices around the $10 range) and then he earns money that goes towards that thing. This way, he can see how much work has to go into earning the specific something that he wants - and since he learned money basics last year in kindergarten, he knows how much he has left to earn before he is there, etc.

Amy said...

I love reading all that is going on in your life. I am so proud of you for the 10 miles! I think an ambulance would have to come pick me up if I attempted that. You go girl!

I too have given myself the same Pinterest challenge and have been enjoying crafting and trying new recipes. I will try to post the fun some time this week.
I hope your family is having a great week.