Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pinned It...Did It!

I love Pinterest...well, love may be an understatement!  I am good at copying others, so I love to see what others come up with, pin it, and sometimes maybe attempt it.  I finally got to a point where it was like why don't I do some of these things?!  You know stop being the lazy man's pinner, and get motivated.  So I challenged myself to do 1 pin a week.  It could be a craft, recipe, activity with the girls, or bake something new.  It's been fun.  Trust me, you can also get in on this challenge, 1 pin, that's all.  Here are some of the things that I have pinned and did! {Click the links to get recipes or instructions}

 I made this cake for a group of friends and they all loved it!  I made it in a cake pan and then took a cookie cutter to get the heart shapes.  I also used just plain old Hershey Syrup for the topping.  I liked the cake, but it was really too moist for my taste, and it stuck a little in your mouth, but I would eat it again!

I love this because who really needs to eat a whole batch of cookies?  Mix it with some vanilla ice cream and you have the most delicious treat!  I have made this a handful of times and sometimes I think it tastes awesome, other times it's just okay.  But I am not one to turn down a cookie, I mean really?!

So I have made this recipe twice, but have never eaten it.  I made it for new moms, and both of them said it was good!  It's super easy to make and I used boneless chicken for it, not the boned in chicken it calls for.  I will be making this for my family next week!

Really, not sure it could get any easier than this!  This was delicious, easy to make, and pleased even some picky eaters!  It's great reheated, too!

My husband loves stuffed peppers, I however do not, until I saw this recipe from Skinny Taste about using ground turkey instead of beef.  That's been my dilemma I really do not like ground beef or tomatoes, but this recipe has me a stuffed pepper lover!  Even Molly who doesn't like mixed stuff, likes this! 

Finger Paint on Canvas
I did not use a specific tutorial for this project.  I talked to a couple of my friends that had done it before with their kids.  But there are like 100 pins for this project, so you can easily find one.  I used a flat canvas (not a wrapped one), white craft paint, stickers, and finger paint.  I chose a quote, which was really hard!  Figured out how many stickers I needed and then plotted it all out.  Once the stickers were on I painted over the whole canvas with white paint.  A friend suggested this helps the stickers stay in place when the kids paint over them.  It worked!  I actually did two coats, but I think one would be good.  Then Molly went to town finger painting the canvas.  We did this for a gift for my mom's birthday.  Once it was dry, about a day or 5-6 hours, I peeled all the stickers off.  Not sure if it was the two coats of white paint, or the stickers/canvas I chose, but those things were hard to peel off!  It was like wallpaper, I got the top off but the sticky part was still stuck on the canvas.  So after much peeling and scratching, all the stickers were off, and I forgot to take a picture of the final product, but voila, awesomeness!  Molly was pleased, and Grandma was happy for her handmade birthday gift!

Wow, as I go back through some pictures and pins I realized I have done a lot more then I originally thought!  I will post some more in the next couple weeks.  I love finding a good recipe and fun crafts!  Enjoy pinning and doing!      

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Kristin said...

Awesome! The girls did Matthews canvas sort of the same way. I cut his name out of vinyl on my circuit and they painted it red, then we peeled the letters off. The paint bled a little under the letters so I just got a fabric paint pen and cleaned it up. Turned out great. I still need to put trim around the edge though. :)

Veronica said...

Yay for making and doing! There are so many great recipes on Skinny Taste, aren't there! I have been cooking lots from her site and love just about everything we've tried. :)

I stopped doing Pinterest a while back because I can only have one or two online addictions at a time but I still like checking out the site just for all the great ideas!

Kelly said...


Jenilee said...

I love that you've actually DONE These things!!! :)