Monday, September 17, 2012

Always a Mom

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I wanted to write something so brilliant, so touching, something thought provoking, but truly what's been on my heart is something simple, I will always be a mom. 

Becoming a mom was a long hard journey for us, getting to that moment of carrying a baby for 40 plus weeks, thank you children, was truly incredible.  I love Jesus with all my heart, and honestly after I got pregnant I loved him even more, and was puzzled how some could carry a baby on their inside and not believe in God and his miracles.  I was that nerdy lady that totally celebrated mother's day and father's day while I was pregnant.  I truly feel like you are an official mom when that urine stick turns pink at the end.

From the moment I gave birth till I die, I will always be Molly and Lucy's mom, and I will meet our other baby in Heaven when I die.  But through it all, I always be a mom.  And isn't funny how moms seem to do it better, or at least seem to know how to just do things.  Like in our family we have a mom and a dad {my husband and my myself}.  Yet some how when we are both home the girls always ask me to do something that my husband is totally 100% capable of doing.  Say, get a drink, make a snack, tie their shoes, etc.  Not so much the hair, poor Molly and her big curly hair.  Daddy can handle a ponytail, and that's all! 

But seriously, I am the go to person.  Which is fine most of the time, but yes, there are days I do mind feeling more like a maid than a mom.  But it's on those days that I try to remember the most precious early on days when I did everything for my littles, and even before that I craved to do anything for a baby.  I try to remember how incredibly blessed I am and how some women don't have these chances, and how thankful I am to God for him entrusting me with these precious gifts.  I am not successful all the time in turning that frown upside down, but it helps.  It helps me remember they are only 5 and 21 months for a very brief time.  People tell me some day they won't want my help.  We'll see about that. 

And in the mean time I will hold onto this, 2 weeks ago when I crossed the finish of the half marathon I ran, you know the one that was incredibly hard and took everything out of me, I literally just crossed the finish line, grabbed my medal and was looking for the closest water station.  Molly came running up and said "I like your medal, too bad you couldn't get a trophy."  Thanks kid, and then followed it up with "I have to go to the bathroom."  Yep, always a mom, on the hardest and easiest of days.     


LoveFeast Table said...

Running that mama race is one of perseverance and tenacity. It sounds like you're doing a great job!
Thanks for linking up to The Parent 'Hood!
~Chris Ann & Kristin

Jenilee said...

First of all, your blog looks amazing!!! I love the new design! And this is a precious post. Yes, being a mom is rewarding, hard, and a life long process!

HappyascanB said...

Motherhood is so humbling!! I love Molly's comments when you finished that half! Too funny!!!

AllisonO of O My Family said...

"...was puzzled how some could carry a baby on their inside and not believe in God and his miracles."

This is truth right here. To participate in the miracle of life and creation is to be certain of the reality of our Creator God.

Thanks for linking up to The Parent 'Hood!

Becca said...

So as I was going down my list of blogs that I typically read and comment on, I got to the end and realized I didn't come across yours. It took me a minute to remember that you gave your blog a snazzy update and name! I love the new look.

And I also love this post. Motherhood is H.A.R.D. but you are doing an awesome job at it!