Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Molly's 1st Day of Kindergarten

Today Molly started kindergarten...all day long she will be at school.  Part of me is happy, I am excited to spend one-on-one time with Lucy, and also have nap time ALL to myself.  The other part of me feels lost.  My little companion for the last 5 years is missing.  I feel like I need to be doing something, yet I am aimlessly wandering.  I am excited for Molly to start this new adventure for herself.  She will do great, she loves school, and she loves new things and people.  Today she stood in along amongst new friends, old friends, and screaming children and moms, and just looked so grown up to me.  She knows the routine of waiting outside the classroom door, even if the routine means not saying good bye to mom or dad.  She just ran up there like no big deal, totally unaware that today she is starting her 13 year journey of school.

Before we left we captured some first day pictures...

I didn't do the ugly cry like I thought, but I still have a little knot in my stomach.  Everything inside of me wants to sneak down to the school to check on her, make sure she knows what to do at lunch time, and also to just give myself reassurance that is she truly fine.  But I will stay home, wait till 3:30 when the bell rings and hopefully give my new kindergartener a hug as she walks out from her classroom, that's unless she is now too cool for her mom. 


Veronica said...

Awww, I remember those feelings all to well. I hope Molly up having a great day and that you did okay too. It's tough letting our babies grow but I promise you, the sad feelings go away and are replaced with joy and pride as your see your girl grow and learn. I'm loving the stage I'm in with Lyssa. Her love for learning and her growth is amazing to me. I'll be praying that the rest of the week goes well for all of you. Hugs!!

Amy said...

I hope she had a great day. She looked adorable. I also love that Little Miss Lucy had a purse in the pictures. She was ready to go too :)