Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Cutest Soccer Player

Today was Molly's first soccer game of her soccer career!  She is playing in a U6 league on a co-ed team.  There are 3 boys and 3 girls on her team, and her daddy is her coach.  Unfortunately Eric had to miss today's game.  He had a group leader training scheduled for church, and since he is the groups pastor, he couldn't miss! 

The kids were funny because they clump and all run together.  Molly's team scored their first goal about 1.5 seconds after the kick off.  It's not supposed to be a competitive league, and no one keeps score, but if someone did keep score, it would have ended up 18-2, Molly's team being the winner.  But I mean, no one was keeping score, nope, not me!

It was fun to watch all the kids try to work together, yet at times they were working against each other.  Kind of like a lot of adults at times! 

I look forward to hopefully many more years of watching our girls play sports.  I am definitely that mom that yells, would totally ring a cowbell, and may be a little embarrassing at times, ha! 


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