Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Getting Started

Going along with my post from last week about prayer, I also wanted to tell you all something that I try and do everyday that helps get me started off on the right track.  I struggle with rising early, my alarm clock is either a 5 year old or an almost 2 year old.  Even when I was getting up early to train for my half marathon I dreaded my alarm going off.  You would have thought after 4 months it would have become a habit, nope, not for this girl!  I have come to accept the fact that I am not an early riser naturally, and right now I choose to wake when my babes wake.

So with all that said, I try and do devotional/Bible reading during nap time.  Sometimes it works great, other times as you all know nap time does not always go as planned.  On those days I might end up skipping or missing my Bible time.  So after many, many failed attempts of trying to play catch up or even start up, I decided something needed to change.  So I joined YouVersion along with millions and billions of other people.  I picked out a Bible reading plan and start my day off with that.  It's a good way to read the Bible, and it's quick.  Not that devotions are a thing to check off, but I am done beating myself up for not getting a whole study chapter accomplished and feeling like a terrible person.  So right now in this season of life for me I am realizing I can only do what I can.  It won't alwasy be like this, but right now if YouVersion is the only way I can get in some reading time, then YouVersion it is.

Another thing that helps me is a calendar like this one from the DaySpring Redeemed Collection...

I love calendars that give you more than the date on them.  I love quotes, scriptures, and things that make you think.  This calendar has both!  Score!  I also adore the matching pocket calendar.

I am still a paper/pencil type of girl.  So this is right up my alley!  

Whether a quick devo is in store for your season of life, or a quick passage from the Bible is more your lifestyle right now, go with it.  I personally feel like the relationship with God is what matters most.  The more you know and love about someone, the more you want to know and love them.  Same is true with God.   

*DaySpring freely provided me with these items to review, and I am freely giving my opinion*

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