Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Uploading Life {caution: picture overload}

Can I please just tell y'all that I have had great intentions with blogging. With all the posts swirling through my head, I should have had a novel by now! Oh well! Like my last post said, I am just trying to take it all in, look around and be active in my own life, and not let it just pass me by.

The busyness of the fall is nonstop for our family, but it's all been good. We are in a good place in ministry, which feels great. I am busy at work, which I love and I love what I do. Molly is doing great in school and speech, and Lucy, oh Lulu, she is almost 2!

I just finished running the book fair at Molly's school. I felt like this year I had a better grasp of things, as opposed to last year being handed a box and a good luck wish. I already have ideas for next year, which excites me! The PTO at Molly 's school is just phenomenal! Eric and I both have been blown away by all that they do and offer students and families. I love being a part of it, and I think everyone should be part of their kids schools PTO, too. Off my soap box now, but really, I am way too blessed to be at an awesome school serving alongside other great parents.

Molly's fall soccer season has come to an end. It was a good season, and I think Eric might be a little happier than Molly now that's it over. I volunteered Eric to be the coach, well assistant coach, but no one signed up to be the coach, so he got the position by default. Actually they both had a good time and learned a lot! Molly will play again in the spring and Eric will return to his coaching position then too.

A couple weeks ago our tiny village had a Hay Days Festival. We have gone the last 3 years. Eric mainly goes because he can get some really good home made kettle corn. My mouth is watering thinking about it! The girls played games and rode a pony. They also got to go inside a fire truck. Molly had just visited the fire station with her class, so she gave us the grand tour.

Molly had a taste of her first caramel Appel. She liked the apple but kept asking us to cut the caramel off, ha!

Last weekend Eric's parents came for a visit. It went by so quick! We had a great time seeing them, and the girls loved having new playmates. We also got our craft on, too! We will be going back to Ohio in 2 weeks for my brother-in-law's wedding. Truthfully I never thought I would ever have a sister-in-law, so I am very excited!

Lucy's birthday is coming up so soon! It's not just any old second birthday, it's her golden birthday! So we will be playing up the gold theme, along with Dora {gag me!}. I never wanted to do character themed parties, but Lucy loves Dora, more like has an unhealthy obsession with her, so Dora only makes sense. Between Pinterest and my own creative juices, I have laid awake the last 2 nights thinking of ideas, and in the process I have planned Molly's birthday party for next August. I have way too much fun planning stuff like that!

It's been a great fall for us, and I can't believe Halloween is almost here! Trick-or-Treat for us is on Sunday! Molly still needs a costume, that's my mission today! I am also running another race this weekend, what's wrong with me?! So Saturday morning I will be all bundled up since it will be about 30 degrees, and I will join a couple other thousand crazy people and run a 15K {9.3 miles}.

Alright, real life just hit, time to pack a special kindergartner a lunch and make sure there was no homework in her book bag! Have a great day!

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