Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Fun

I figured I might as well get to posting about Halloween 2012 before Thanksgiving rolls around, or before Halloween 2013.

We had friends over for chili, trick-or-treating, and fun! The guys took the kids out to get candy while the ladies stayed at our house to pass out candy. Even though we live on the same street as the local elementary school, 6 houses away to be exact, we hardly get any little trick-or-treaters.

The guys went out for the first swipe with Lucy and our friend's 1 year old, but were back within 30 minutes due to coldness and tiredness! Eric chased Lucy most of the time and it was in the low 30's here that day. Once the littles were back home chewing on candy the dads went back out! Molly had so much fun running around with her friends, Desi and Amico. They are the cutest, sweetest, and funniest brothers ever! One is a year older and the other one is a year younger then Molly. She loves them both and could marry either one if it was up to me!

We had some more friends drop by to eat and chat. It was so much fun and all the kids had a great time!


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