Monday, November 12, 2012

Miscellany Monday

In no particular order...

1. Yesterday my brother would have been 37 years  I feel like that's old, especially when he passed away at 22.  Lots of thoughts have flooded my mind over the last couple of days, like what would he look like, what would he be doing, did he marry that girl, kids or no kids, where would he be living, you know all those what-ifs.  But then I look at my own life and think, who would I be if he was still here, what would I be doing, would I have married him, etc.  Sometimes it's fun for me to think about my brother, what he would say about me marrying a pastor, or how I raise my kids, because I know he would spoil my girls just rotten, and other times I get just down right sad.  Grief, it's a funny thing, it never leaves you, it blows like the wind.  Happy Birthday big brother.

2.  Onto a lighter planning for Lucy's second birthday is well under way, and by that I mean, oh crap!  It's all in my head, I just need to get it down on paper and start working!  It's Lucy's golden birthday (2 on the 2nd) so we are going all out {insert husband eye roll here}.  I don't care if she won't remember it, she can look at the pictures.  We only do parties on the even years in our family, so I feel like it's only right to make this party for her golden birthday a bash!  It's going to be 2 more years before she gets another party, geeze {insert husband deep sigh here}.

3.  Tomorrow I will be posting an awesome craft that you can give for so many occasions!  I will be posting it here and on Pinterest, so pretty please check it out and re-pin!  Seriously, this is a great craft turned gift, and it will knock your socks off by the ease and specialness it packs! 

4.  Tonight I am chatting with my gals from my Virtual Community Group...we are all pastor's wives and we connect once a month through Google+, it's awesome!  I love our time together and look forward to our chats each month!

5.  I can not believe Thanksgiving is next week, what?!  Then Christmas, then New Years, wow!  But I love this time of year and I don't mind Christmas displays set up at the stores, it makes me giddy!

6.  Have y'all checked out this new site called Together in 10, seriously, click the link and head over there!  It's awesome!

7.  Christmas shopping is under way at our house, we have our first exchange next week with my mom and step-dad.  I love buying gifts for people, like seriously love it!   

I think that's all for this miscellany day!  Have a great Monday, friends! 


Sarah Robbins said...

Let me know if you want help for Molly's party! I've been making banners, treat tags, cupcake toppers and such for all my friends lately and it's so fun! I can make them and mail them if it will help make your life easier!

Jessica Heights said...

Thank you for including Together in Ten! :)

I'm so sorry you are missing your brother...losing loved ones, especially at such a young age, is so hard. :(