Monday, November 26, 2012

Miscellany Monday

1. Thanksgiving has come and gone and now the Christmas countdown has begun!  I love this time of year and I love seeing how everyone decorates their trees and houses. 

2. Thanksgiving was nice and relaxing at our house!  Eric cooked, which he loves to do, and the rest of us played and relaxed.  It was unseasonably warm here so we played outside and took lots of walks, because Friday it was like 20 degrees! 

3. We put the tree up on Thanksgiving night, since we celebrate Christmas with my mom and step-dad early.  Molly loved helping and Lucy really wanted nothing to do with it until it was done.  So far she hasn't damaged the tree too much.  Her little curious hands have ripped a couple ornaments off, but nothing too bad!
4. Friday morning grandma and papa made Molly's dreams come true...she opened a Barbie Dream House.  This thing is massive, 3 stories, elevator, kitchen, shower, the works!  Both girls have had fun playing with it and making everything make noise and testing out all the switches and buttons. 
5. Lucy's mommy dreams came true when she received a bitty baby from grandma and papa.  Lucy loves 3 things right now, dressing up, babies, playing in her kitchen.  She does all 3 all day long and at the same time all day long.  She is a little domestic diva.

6. I was extremely surprised to open up a Cricut Expressions 2 on Friday morning.  Both sets of my parents had me totally fooled, so I have been playing around with that and even made a banner for Lucy's birthday party.

7. We have made great progress on Lucy's party, still more to go, but I am feeling pretty good about it. 

8. Back to the daily grind today, work for me, no school for Molly, and parent teacher conferences tonight.  I took an unintentional break from the computer the last couple of days and it was nice!  I lose track of time when family comes in to town, and it felt good!  Now it's back to reality!
 My mom and the girls
 Molly {age 5}
Lucy {age almost 2}


HappyascanB said...

What fun!! That Barbie Dream House looks like a total blast!! Molly is also into baby dolls lately. She is always toting one around. So funny to hear them say things we say! I heard Molly tell her baby, "it ok, baby, I right heah!".... I say that when she is upset and scared!

Sounds like y'all had a great Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

I love how girly your girls are!! So precious!!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Oh that Barbie dream house takes me back. I remember the Christmas that I got one. It was yellow with an orange roof... not quite as pretty as this pink one. It was awesome though! I loved it. Such great memories! :)

Jessica Heights said...

We had a similar Thanksgiving. Relaxed holidays are the best! :)

Zion said...

Ohhhh, Barbie dream house! It looks like you all had a great time. I'm glad you posted their ages, because before I scrolled to the end I was trying to guess :) Mine are 5, 2 1/2, and 8 weeks.

Kerry @ Made For Real said...

What a sweet family!
And yay! Another pastor's wife!! Nice to meet you via Jennifer at studiojru :)