Friday, November 9, 2012

Operation Christmas Child

I can't wait to show you our shoe boxes that we packed this year for Operation Christmas Child!  What is Operation Christmas Child {OCC} you might ask, well, it's a ministry that Samaritan's Purse has that gives Christmas boxes to kids in 3rd world countries, and around the world in general.  Go here to learn all the details and read the stories! 

Eric and I have been participating in OCC for years, but it's gotten more fun now with our own kids!  Molly got it a little bit last year, and this year she was begging us to get going on it!  Even Lucy had fun packing our shoe boxes.  The great thing about this project is you don't have to have kids at home or at all to participate!  It's truly not about you or your family, it's about the little boy or girl across the world who is going to open their shoe box and see and know love.  They will feel cared for and thought of, and truly at Christmas time isn't that what anyone wants. 

So grab your empty shoe boxes, or go buy a pair if you must in order to have a shoe box!  I didn't have that excuse this year!  We actually have been hoarding shoe boxes in the basement.  Another great thing about this project is the overall cost.  It really won't break your bank!  We got most of our stuff at the Dollar Tree, Target Dollar Spot, and sales through out the year, like after school started.  Crayons, stickers, pencils, some of these kids have never seen those before!  That's what I love, so simple, yet so meaningful! 

The OCC site has a ton of ideas for you, and also things you should not send.  Check it out!  The collection dates are coming soon, like next week!  So get on this quick, quick, quick!  But it's so worth it!  You can also track your package and see where it lands!  And we love that we can choose a little girl that is Molly's age to receive one of our boxes!  This is a win-win ministry project!  Seriously, how can you not love it?!  

Here are some pictures of us packing our first two shoe boxes!

I can't wait to see your shoe boxes all packed!  Have fun!

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Kim said...

We packed ours this week too :) we actually have never used a shoebox we've used those small plastic containers you can get that are the size of a shoebox