Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2 Years of Lucy-ness

This past Sunday, December 2, our Lucy May turned 2.  I feel like the last 2 years gone both fast and slow.  Lucy has learned so much with a big thanks to her big sister, Molly.  I have found myself so many times wanting to just freeze the moment.  I want to remember everything about certain milestones, the smells, the smiles, the outfits, the everything!  Lucy and Molly are so different, yet so much alike.  They are both momma's girls, they love their daddy, but truly favor mom.  This is lovely yet difficult at times!  Molly is my empathetic, bleeding heart, and Lucy is somewhat a bully at times.  God definitely has a sense of humor by pairing these two together as sisters, and making me their mom!

Lucy is in such a different place at 2 than Molly was.  Molly had a speech delay, so at 2 she was semi-talking, well, communicating, and Lucy, well she talks in complete sentences, and can carry a conversation on with you.  It's really nice to know exactly what she wants!  Lucy is also singing songs, counting, saying the ABC's, and really into pretend play.  A lot of this again is the doing of her big sister including her in everything.

Lucy came into our lives when we absolutely needed her the most, she is my little light, and she shines so bright for all to see.  Lucy has such a confident attitude about her, she is so sure of herself at the ripe age of 2, I pray she never loses this confidence.

Everyday is an adventure with Lucy {and Molly}, I look forward to spending time with her, she is my little pal that goes everywhere with me, and she doesn't seem to mind.  Lucy cracks me up hourly!  She is so funny, and she knows it.  She can also be really serious, she will furrow her eyebrows and look down, and that cracks me up, too!  Lucy is my tender heart, easy going, hilarious, and confident little girl, and I couldn't love her anymore!

Lucy you are 2...here is what you are up to...
- You weigh 36 lbs...honestly thought you would be closer to 40 :)
- You are 34.5 inches tall
- You are wearing 4T and 5T clothes
- You are very interested in the whole potty business...you know exactly what to do when we sit you on it, well everything but actually going!  We need to capitalize on this, but I can't even begin to muster up the energy of potty training right now!
- You love your nuk, and I am terrified of taking it from you
- You adore playing with your baby, cooking in your kitchen, and dressing up...we are molding you to become a domestic diva.  Seriously, you are constantly wearing a costume of some sorts on a daily basis
- You have an obsession with Dora, it could be borderline unhealthy, but I thank Dora for helping you learn your numbers and shapes!
- You can count to 20 by yourself, and say the ABC's {with help}
- You know your colors and shapes
- You love books and puzzles
- You love to color!  And when you are finished you say ta-da!
- When we tell you good job, you will bow and say "thank you, thank you" 
- You have mostly been rocking a mullet your whole life, I am sorry, I honestly have tried to fix it, but again, God with his sense of humor!  We have cut your hair like 10 times and it just keeps growing back in that way.  Sidenote- you seem to have the most sensitive head ever!  I swear I just look at your hair and you scream "ouch!"  So you are not helping the mullet situation, either.

Oh, Lucy May, we love you with all of our hearts, you are the perfect fit in our family, and you bring us daily happiness, joy, and laughter.  Happy 2nd Birthday baby goose!   


HappyascanB said...

What a precious post! I always love these types of posts. It's so fun to hear a mom talk about her child! I so wish we lived closer and Lucy and MM could play! They would surely be buds_

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Aww... so sweet. What a precious little girl! :)

Zion said...

Wow, she is so smart and it sounds like she is about the size of my 5 year old. Advanced in every way I guess ;) It's amazing how God knows how to bring these little blessing into our when we need them the most, just like you said.

Jennifer said...

My favorite part is her taking a bow! Such a personality! Can't believe she's two!!