Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Favorite Christmas Ornament

Today I was reading a post over at Jenilee's blog about your favorite Christmas ornament, and it got me thinking.  Our Christmas tree is decorated with hodge podge ornaments from over the last 29 years.  They are either made by Eric, Molly, or me, or they have been given to us over the years.  I swear when we got married our parents just dumped all our handmade salt dough and paper chain memories on us to declutter their own trees.  Although I long for and would love to have a grown up tree with matching ornaments, I really love ours, and all the memories that go with each ornament.

My favorite ornament is one of sentimental value.  Meet Chachi...

Chachi was my brother, Andy's, favorite ornament.  I really have no back story for Chachi other than he used to have two legs, but now he has one.  I remember he was always the last ornament we put on the tree each year, and we took very special care of him.  When Andy died I was given this ornament for my own safe keeping.  He still is the last one we hang, err, place up on the tree gently.  And even after a couple tumbles, hitting each limb on the way down, he still remains, in mostly one piece.  He is not necessarily pretty to look at, and he clearly has seen better days, but I love him.  Even Eric is fond of him, and loves our Chachi.  I feel like a little piece of my brother lives on through Chachi each year.

What is your favorite ornament you hang up on the tree?


Zion said...

I love that ornament and the story behind it. We have an eclectic tree like that and I think they are the best! I found the post with the story of your brother. Thank you for sharing such and important part of your life with us.

HappyascanB said...

What a sweet sweet ornament to have! A treasure indeed!

Sarah Ann said...

That's SO special! I have some ornaments that my aunt made when she was little, and she passed away from cancer. Getting them up on the tree makes me feel so honored to have them.
Also, I am so glad to have found your blog! It's lovely!