Monday, December 3, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Just another miscellany Monday...

1. This weekend was busy with a capital B!  I planned and hosted Lucy's 2nd birthday on Saturday morning and then planned and coordinated a holiday open house for a lovely couple on Saturday night. 

2. Lucy's party went great, I think the kids had fun.  I always want to do so much, but my wonderful husband always brings me back to reality and tells me I could put a cardboard box out and the kids would have fun.  So I try to lower my own expectations and go with it.  I will say it was challenging to entertain 10 kids ages 7 and under.  We went on a Dora Adventure...more about that this week.

3. The other party...I mentioned to a lovely friend that I adore planning and hosting events, and seriously the next day she called with a great opportunity.  Her husband's co-worker was planning a holiday party and needed help.  So I was hired to event plan this party...everything from hiring caterers, to rentals, to favors, to decorations, and all the fun in between.  It was a blast, a huge learning experience, and I was so tired come Saturday night! 

4. We started our advent celebration on Saturday morning.  We are mainly reading from the Jesus Storybook Bible and using this advent plan, and we are doing some Truth in the Tinsel ornaments.  We did the whole Truth in the Tinsel plan last year and I LOVED it!  Like I can not recommend it enough, but I knew this year with Molly in school and trying to include Lucy, it was going to be stressful for us.  So I opted for the ornaments and a reading plan.  How are you celebrating advent?

5. I am participating in this...

I will let you know when my craft appears :)  Check out all the days for a fun, creative Christmas!

6. I know I have more but my brain is on overload today! 

Have a great Monday!

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Zion said...

Husbands are good for that (#2). #3 sounds so fun!