Monday, December 10, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Here we go...

1. On Friday night I got bangs, like legit, straight across bangs, and I love them!  I have been on the fence for a long time, probably horrible memories of curling irons and hairspray from my younger days, but I finally decided to just go for it!  They are something new and fun, and I swear they look different everyday. 

2. I want snow!  Our friends to the west of us got snow, and now it's time for Milwaukee to get some snow!  It doesn't feel like Christmas without snow. 

3. You can totally tell me "I told you so" in March when I am complaining about snow!

4. I am back to working out.  I don't have a gym membership or any gym equipment, just a couple of work out DVD's and a basement.  I would love to still be running but it's so dark in the mornings and then in the afternoon around 4 it gets dark again.  So no good for this scaredy cat who hates running in the dark.  I finally decided I needed to get back in the habit of doing something!  So last week I started strong and didn't end too's to a new week and hopefully sticking with it. 

5. I have yet to order Christmas cards, and still debating if I will or not.  I honestly forget about them!  But I LOVE getting them in the mail, so keep sending them all you organized people.

6. I started a new Bible study with a friend, and it's really challenging and fantastic.  It's by Jennie Allen and it's called "Stuck."  It's has a workbook and DVD that goes along with it.  Go here to check it out...

7. Molly has her Christmas, ahem, Holiday Concert this week, so I am super excited to hear all the kids sing, I think I have all the songs memorized, so if a little kid in the front yaks on stage like last year I can totally jump in and sing.  I am not one for political correctness, but it does irritate me that we can't call it Christmas, or sing about Jesus.  I mean it is his birthday for goodness sakes!

8. Our church is finally closing on the Walmart building we purchased {well we will be purchasing on Friday} and construction/renovation begin Saturday!  This is a HUGE blessing and a HUGE God thing.  Can't wait to share more about it all!

I think that's all, have a great Monday!!


Unknown said...

I want to see pics of the bangs! :)

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

How fun to get bangs! I agree... doesn't feel like Christmas without snow. It is bone chillin' cold here, but no snow yet! Christmas concerts are the best. I love hearing kids just sing so loud from the heart. And yes... it is HIS birthday!

Becca said...

I was just about to comment on seeing a pic of your new bangs but then it popped up in your sidebar! You look super cute!

Zion said...

I have cute my bangs straight across several times and I love them, but then I can not maintain them :( I am currently in the awkward growing them out stage.

So exciting about #8. What a victory! Can't wait to hear more.