Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Face of Grace

By the title of this post you might be expecting to see a picture of Jesus, not my five year old.  And while I totally believe Jesus is a face of grace, today I want to talk about Molly.  Molly is a true bleeding heart.  She picks up on what is going on around her faster than most adults, she is in tune to every one's thoughts and feelings, she may be a tad emotional and dramatic {no clue where she gets that from}, and she is a lover.  Molly is a little old soul. 

Molly exudes grace from her core.  I am not sure she knows a working definition of grace or if she realizes what she does is grace-filled.  Today I had one of those wonderful mom moments of yelling and screaming, you know one of those.  I am pretty sure my last words to Molly this morning were "are you kidding me, you can only find one glove?!"  If I died today she would remember me by my dramatic and emotional moment this morning.  Again, not sure where Molly gets it from.  Then of course after I dropped her off at school, which was her running the whole way ahead of because I might have also yelled out the door, "Run, we are going to be late!", I was walking home and felt really convicted.  Thanks to Lysa TerKeurst I know a bad moment does not make a bad mom, but I still felt crappy.  I don't want to be that lunatic mom that screams and hollers at her kids.  But I am also human and have bad days.  When I get stressed, tired, or overwhelmed it's not real pretty here.  Can you relate?

But not Molly, sure she has her moments, more often than not lately, but mostly she is such a forgiving kid, and she always extends grace, even when this mom doesn't deserve it.  Today when I pick Molly up from school and get her home I will be asking for forgiveness for the way I acted and treated her this morning.  I am sure she will barely remember, and she will say "it's okay mom" and give me a big hug.

Grace is a hard lesson to learn and practice.  I used to think it wasn't, but in the past couple of months the Lord has laid on my heart what grace truly is.  It's not just something you give other people, it's something you give yourself, daily, hourly, sometimes moment by moment.  Our series at church right now is all about grace, and the new study I just started is all about grace.  Think God is trying to teach me something?!

Here are some quotes from Jennie Allen's study book based on her Bible Study called "Stuck"

"When we soberly view ourselves and our sin, we see our need and call out for God."

"Obedience turns into a response to the love of our God rather than a duty to perform for Him." 

"The more we experience forgiveness, the more we forgive."

"I believe in Christ and know that my sin has been forgiven, but I also stand here holding arms full of it."

"We will fight sin until we're in heaven, but my hope is your perspective will radically shift, and as God is lifted in your life, a thousand problems will get smaller."

"In our brokenness we find our God."

I could basically quote the whole book, it is that good.

So right now I am stuck, stuck in this pit of doing wrong, moving past, and repeating the cycle, can you still relate?  So here's to a new journey, a new adventure about discovering true forgiveness and experiencing and living in absolute grace.  



Zion said...

It's amazing what our children teach us about grace. Yes, I can relate! You are right about turning it towards ourselves as well, I never really thought about it like that!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Living in absolute grace... oh how wonderful that could be! Precious lessons from your sweet, little Molly. :)

Jessica Heights said...

Children are such good teachers, whether they realize it or not. What a blessing you little Grace is! :)

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Love this post. Molly is a beautiful old soul...and I adore her. But, I could also relate to the desperate need for unending grace...I am constantly failing and falling on my face. Grateful for the grace-displayers like Molly...reminding of the grace we are daily extended by our Father.