Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Birthday, Adrienne

Today my best friend in the whole world is turning 29...I can say her age since she will hit 30 before me.  Adrienne Nicole has been my best friend since kindergarten.  We have had our fair share of ups and downs...we have had times when our parents no longer wanted us to be friends because of the many, many tears we caused each other, but some how through it all we have remained close.  

I have two hands down absolute best friends in this world, Adrienne and Kim.  I have a ton of other close friends, but these two girls get me completely.  And today I can't wait to share more about Adrienne with you all.  No worries, Kim's birthday is in 2 weeks, so you all will meet her soon.

Adrienne is probably the nicest person you will ever meet.  She is sweet and sincere, and cares about everyone and everything, well everything except spiders.  Adrienne carries with her a wealth of wisdom and knowledge, beyond being book smart which she is, she is God smart.  Every time we talk I feel challenged by her to be a better mom and wife, and a better follower of Jesus.  She is incredible. 

Adrienne and I grew up going to school together, and even though we were in some different clubs and cliques, we still remained true to each other.  I have always been able to count on her no matter what.  Even when my brother was in the hospital before he died, she came to visit me.  I am sure as a 14 year old it was incredibly awkward and stressful not knowing what you were walking in to, but she made me feel like everything was normal and we sat and talked in a little kids clubhouse in the lobby, like we were little kids again.  She is the best.  

Now Adrienne is all grown up and married with 3 babes of her own.  Her husband is a pastor so we have a lot to talk about together.  I can say we are closer than we have ever been.  And I love it.  

So through grade school, middle and high school, first jobs, youth group, drivers licenses, beach vacation, college roommates, maids of honors, cross country moves, first babies, second babies, and her third baby, ministry, marriage, and sisterhood, I am so glad to know I have a side kick for the rest of my life.  Happy Birthday, Adrienne, I love you!


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Your best friend since kindergarten... that is so sweet and special! A true blessing to have such a friend. Happy Birthday to Adrienne! :)

Kristin said...

What a beautiful friendship! I love how y'all look alike through the years. :)

Zion said...

That is really special. I love the first paragraph about your parents wishing you weren't friends because of all the tears. Ha ha. I can just picture it.

Jennifer said...

Love both of you girls!