Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Golden Birthday to Kim!

Today I am celebrating my best friend, Kim's, golden birthday!  So yes, she is 31 on the 31st :)  I can totally say that since she is older than me! 

I met Kim my first year at Johnson Bible College, we lived on the same wing/hallway.  Kim was my first grown up friend.  I don't even know how we met, other than living on the same hall, and our boyfriends played soccer together.  Although at the time I met her, her and her boyfriend had broken up, but don't's a happy ending!  They got back together and now have 2 adorable boys. 

I was drawn to Kim my freshman year because she is hilarious, like have you rolling on the ground laughing, she is so kind and sincere.  I have also never once felt judged by her, I can share everything about my life, the good, the bad, and the super ugly, and not once back in 2002, or now in 2013 have I felt judged or belittled by her.  Kim has a huge heart, and although sometimes it's tough to crack through that fierce exterior, it's only because she cares so much about what's at hand, and wants others to care as much as she does. 

Kim and I both majored in counseling, so we have a lot of fun using our skills on people, well, unsuspecting people!  Kim and I are both married to guys named Eric, and we are all in ministry.  We have all walked together through some high highs and some low lows in ministry, but through it all we have had Jesus and each other.   

Kim has a true passion about her and once you meet her, you will feel that and see that.  Kim is a true inspiration to me, and motivates me to be better.  I feel incredibly blessed to have met Kim oh so many years ago, and to have remained close through all those years.  She has a huge place in my heart, and I hope she stays there forever!

Happy Birthday, Kimmie, I love you!!


Kim said...

speechless....I love you like crazy :) so honored to be one of your BFFs!

ps I wouldn't have known what a golden birthday was without you! :) always bring fun to my life

Zion said...

I always make a huge deal out of Golden birthdays! For me it was the 27th, but for my kids it is 4 and 1 so they will probably never remember. Happy birthday to your sweet friend!

Jennifer said...

Love :)