Monday, January 28, 2013

Just One Virtual Conference

Normally on Monday I will do a miscellany post...which trust me, I could do a great one today!  But today I really wanted to highlight a great {free} conference going on.  I am involved with some fabulous ladies over at Leading and Loving It.  It's a community of pastor's wives and ladies in ministry/leadership.  Every year they put on a free conference called Just One.  It's 4 weeks long, they have recorded messages from today's most phenomenal speakers, and you don't even have to get dressed to go! 

For instance this week we are hearing from these ladies...
Speaker 1: Christine Caine: Co-Founder of The A21 Campaign, Author of Undaunted, Director of Equip and Empower Ministries
Speaker 2: Lori Champion: Co-Founder of Celebration Church in Austin, Leader of ARC Women
Speaker 3: Carmen Meeks: Lead Pastor’s Wife at EastLake Church in Chula Vista, California
Speaker 4: Lisa Harper: Bible Teacher, Speaker, and Author of Malachai: A Love That Never Lets Go
Speaker 5: Dr. Tara Jenkins: First Lady at Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church of Chicago, Founder of Ministry Mates

All free!  Conferences can get very pricey, then there's childcare and travel issues, etc.  But the ladies at Leading and Loving It have thought of it all with this conference.  They play each week's speakers 8 times...that's 8 opportunities to grow and learn! 

So please, please, please...I urge anyone that is a pastor's wife or lady in ministry/leadership to watch these sessions, or if you know someone in one of these positions, please pass this info along to them!  I have been so encouraged by Just One over the last couple of years, and I pray you will be too!

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Zion said...

That sounds great. As someone who was a a ministers wife for many years I understand the importance of being "fed". I just Love Does in you instagram feed. I read that book recently and then bought it for my mother in law. It's so great.