Monday, January 14, 2013

Miscellany Monday

It's Monday, you know what that means...some miscellany goodness!

1. My bosses left for vacay last Thursday and I have been doing a combination of going into the office and working from home.  I have loved working from home, and thankfully my job allows this from time to time. 

2. My mom is coming to visit this week!  I am so excited to see her and hang out.  Plus, the girls are over the moon that grandma will be here.

3. I am about to embark on the most arts and crafts projects I have ever done at one time...Molly gets to celebrate her half birthday since her real birthday is in August, so February 8th she is allowed to bring in healthy treats for her class.  Our school has done away with cupcakes, cookies, etc.  I am so-so on this new rule.  I get it, but it takes the fun out of the celebration, I think, says the cupcake lover over here.  Then we have Valentine's Day to get ready for...which I totally found a cute printable on Pinterest that I think am going with this year.
And then I am making all the teachers Valentines because we have extra money from the book fair they can use to purchase books and supplies for their classes.  Last year I did little gift certificates and a pots of gold for them at St. Patty's day.  I was going to decorate the teachers lounge with fun hearts and Valentines, but now I am thinking I need to just get all the gift certificates made!

4. Speaking of Valentine's Day...I can't wait to share with you all what I am going to do for the girls and Eric.  Think love notes...stay tuned!

5. Lucy has decided she is going to throw temper tantrums now...lovely.  I guess I naively thought since she communicates so well, we would be skipping the temper tantrum stage.  Guess again.  It started Friday and has not let up since.  Pray for me!

6. Downton Abbey did not disappoint last night, nope, not at all!

7. Tonight is my monthly Virtual Community Group with other Pastor's Wives from across the country!  I love this night!  Community, encouragement, laughter, prayer, and just fun! 

I think that's it...better finish pinning so I can get crafting!  Happy Monday!

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Becca said...

What a great idea to let kids celebrate their half birthdays! Hope you guys have lots of fun with your mom!