Thursday, January 10, 2013

Some of My Favorites...

Linking up again today with Jenilee...I am really going to miss having someone prompt me each day on what to post about!

Today is favorite day
My favorite book right now is...Jesus Calling...I have stack knee deep of books I would love to read and wish I had time to read, but truthfully I am lucky to read out of this book each day.
My favorite pinterest board is...probably my favorite quotes and sayings
My favorite app is...Instagram
My favorite hot drink coffee in the mornings.  My mom let me drink some coffee when I was in 5th grade, she made it like this: 4 tsp of sugar, coffee, flavored coffee creamer, and then top it off with some milk.  I know, I am a tried and true coffee drinker, ha!  But I have loved it that way ever since, and I drink it like that every morning.
My favorite restaurant used to be Bill Knapps, then they went out of business, hmm...truthfully anywhere because that means I am not cooking at home!
My favorite blog post is...probably all the ones about my girls, especially when they were babies, the each month updates were fun!
My favorite time of day is...after my kids go to bed, or when Lucy lays down for a nap, I give myself 1 hour to do nothing.  I usually lay on the couch and watch General Hospital.
My favorite way to relax is...watching TV or running.  I know polar opposites, but I like doing both!
My favorite season is...Spring or Fall...I love the beauty of things coming to life, and I also love the colors of Fall.
My favorite vacation spot is...anywhere near water or a beach, or both!  I want to retire near water some day, which is funny since I can't swim!


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

I love hearing about your favorites. Such a fun post! I agree with your favorite season - seasons - pick... me too! Don't need to swim to enjoy the beauty of the beach and ocean. I would love to retire near water too! :)

Kelly said...

I love this!

Zion said...

I started following you on Pinterest now. Looking forward to that! I love the "any restaurant" favorite. I feel the same way.

Jenilee said...

your coffee sounds tremendously sweet and creamy!!! lol you'll have to make it for me sometime... lol I do a dash of flavored creamer and I'm good! So glad you've enjoyed this week... maybe I'll do some prompts again soon!