Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday's Walk

I am linking up with Jenilee again today.  Today we are going back to an old meme that a lot of my blogging friends used to participate in.  That's actually where I met most of the people I still stay in contact with. 

"Today is Wednesday's Walk.

A day that we take a minute and write down a memory.

Remembering that the backbone of most of our blogs was or still is to keep a record of our family moments and treasured memories for the years to come.

A scrapbook of sorts...

Wednesday's Walk keeps us accountable to doing that once and awhile!" ~ Jenilee

So here is my's not something from a long time ago, actually it's much more recent. 

During Advent this year, Eric and I committed to reading the Bible with Molly every night.  It's something we have tried before and failed epically at, I know, great ministry parents, ha.  One thing about Molly though, the older she gets the more determined she gets.  For instance in the Spring and Summer when we garden, if it wasn't for her wanting to water it everyday, our garden would probably not produce any fruit due to lack of love and attention.  But not with Molly around, she bugs and bugs you until you finally do it.  She is a good motivator.  So now that she is "reading" herself, she is determined to to be a full on independent reader, so any time you mention the word book, she is all over it.  So back to Advent, I started off with the best of intentions, and I have to say for the first time probably ever, we stuck to it.  There were many, many nights I just wanted her to go to bed and we would catch up the next day, and many, many nights I would ask "are you even listening?!" 

But we never missed a single night of reading because Molly was determined to do it all, and yes, she was listening.  Because every morning when Lucy woke up, Molly would go into Lucy's room, climb up in her crib {one day that thing is going to fall to the ground!} and tell Lucy everything about what we read the night before.  She started doing this a couple days into the Advent readings.  Now we are reading a daily devotion before bed, so Molly wakes up and tells Lucy everything we read about the night before.  She even repeats the prayer to Lucy. 

I want to remember this forever.  I want to remember the sweet innocence of two little girls talking about God.  I want to remember how my heart almost bursts out of my chest each morning laying in bed listening to them play and giggle {in the crib, ha!}.  I want my girls to remain naive and have undoubting faith that God is who He is, no questions asked.  I want them to always have faith like a child.  And I want to encourage you all, yes, they are listening, most of the time, and how important it is to read to them the word of God, and tell them all about God.  Because selfishly it feels great to hear them sharing it with others.  That's my memory for today. 


Jenilee said...

YEAH YEAH YEAH for you!!! YEah for your family. You will be SOO Blessed over the years for investing the time at night. I believe whole heartedly that God uses that precious time before bed. Here are some of my favorite family devos to use with my girls at night

and I LOVE that she climbs into the crib to tell her sister. That is God at work!! Good for you!!

Blessed Mommy said...

So Sweet!

Diana said...

There will be many a blessing to come from the time your family spends with this! I hear the angels applauding in Heaven! \o/ Blessins to you and your family! Thank you for sharing today! I'm so happy to meet you ♥

Zion said...

Oh my goodness, that is so precious. What a sweet memory!!!