Friday, January 4, 2013

Why Even Set A Goal?!

I know a lot of people either love or hate the idea of making New Year Resolutions.  Most feel it's a waste of time because they make them, then break them soon after the New Year.  Other people really try hard, they have the best of intentions to keep their new resolution, they make a change, go all out, and usually still fail.

I don't like making resolutions either.  I hate to fail, so I just don't do it.  But I have learned as I have gotten older that I need those resolutions to make a lifestyle change, or to accomplish something that I really want.  I just don't call them resolutions, I call them goals.  For some reason a goal seems more achievable and attainable, where a resolution seems so final and scary.  Probably all mental, but it works for me.

So why set a goal, why risk failing...why not, why not risk achieving your goal?  Even if you fail while attempting it at least you tried and probably surprised yourself along the way with the little things you accomplished or achieved. 
I can only speak to you as a lady, wife, mom, and part-time working friend...sometimes making it through the day in one piece and feeling accomplished that dinner was semi on the table around a decent dinner time hour, the kids were dressed at one point, and your sweats are still clean enough to wear tomorrow is about all the goal setting you feel like you can do.  I have been there, most days I am there.

But trust me, you can do so much more.  Even if you set little goals for the day, week, or month, the sense of accomplishment once you meet that goal will make you feel so good.  Heck, sometimes just cooking dinner and having it ready when Eric walks through the door is a huge goal set and met for me.     

I am not asking you to conquer the world, most moms do that everyday anyways.  I am just asking that you figure out some things you want or need in your life, make those your goals.  Start small, make very achievable goals at first, once you start meeting those little stepping stones, set some bigger goals, and go for it.  Along the goal highway you will need support.  Trust me, even if the goal only benefits you per say, you still need outside support to hold you accountable and to keep you encouraged.  Most people don't accomplish their goals because they kept them to themselves and no one knew they wanted to write a book, run a marathon, or learn to sew.  But if people know what you want to accomplish they can help you make a plan, watch your kids, or give you tips.  Who knows, you may even inspire those around you to set their own goals and they will feel a sense of accomplishment for themselves, all because you shared your goals with them. 


Unknown said...

great post. I have never been one to do New years Resolutions either. But I love the idea of setting some goals for my life.

Zion said...

I just posted my list of goals too. I have always called them that, sometimes I say resolutions, but I agree with you. It's one thing to yo-yo diet and want to get out of debt without trying, but setting goals and working for something is healthy :)

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Oh yes... totally agree with you. I am a goal maker too! :)