Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You Decide

We just finished a sermon series at church called "You Decide."  Over the last 4 weeks we unpacked the idea about making decisions.  Here are the 4 questions we were asked during this series...

1. What's the real reason why I am doing this?
2. What's the story I someday want to tell?
3. Is there a tension I need to pay attention to?
4. Am I honoring God with this decision?
{Okay so #4 might have been worded different at church, but I can't find my notes right now}

This series has really affected me, I am beginning to question my decisions a lot more.  I think these questions can help you make a "simple decision" or a "hard decision."  We are all professional liars, I can talk myself into something or out of something so fast it's not even funny.  I mean seriously I can be determined I am not going to eat dessert tonight, and by 8pm I have justified and excused every single reason why I need that brownie, and usually I have already eaten two by then.  But these questions also have also challenged me when I am wanting to say yes to invites, saying yes to just one more thing, to this, to that, you get the point.

So I hope you feel a little more challenged to use these questions when you are facing a decision, I pray you ask yourself these questions, and I pray the answers help you to make a more God honoring decision.        

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Zion said...

I just love this! I am reading a parenting book right now and it focuses a lot on giving kids choices. Having that in mind and reading this makes it really click about how we really do have a choice when it comes to what we make of our lives!