Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Reflection of 29 Years

Today I turn 29.  I feel old, yet young at the same time.  I started noticing how I am no longer the youngest in the room, or how people younger than me have more kids, or have been married the same amount of time as me.  I grew up the youngest and truthfully felt like the youngest in every situation I have encountered.  It didn't really hit me that I was old until I realized Molly's teacher was younger than me.

I feel like for being 29 I should have some really profound things to say or share, some really important life lessons to embark on you all, or a lot of wisdom to guide you through your next stage of life.  But if there's one thing that I keep learning over and over again, it's that you never stop learning.  You will never have enough life experience, and you will never have a plethora of wisdom.  You just never stop learning.

Life is a funny thing in a non-comical way.  Just when you think you have figured this life thing out, something happens, and you are back at square one.  But when you go back to square one for the tenth time, you have a little bit more weight in your boots, you know a little bit more, and you aren't afraid to try again.  Because that's what life is made of, hits and second chances.

In 29 years I have probably experience a lot more than other 29 year olds.  That statement is not said with pride, truthfully, I am humbled by what I have gone through, and I have learned a lot.  I have hurt and been hurt, I have screwed up countless times, and have been on the other end of someone else's screw up, too.  

But I am better for it.  See, I don't believe in coincidences, I believe in things happening for a reason and you may not know what that reason is, but it still happened.  I believe God has made "for such a time as this" and I don't always live that way, but I believe that way.  What I am facing today might not be for me, but rather for you.  We may not know the reasons behind the situations, but we trust the one who placed the situation before us.

In 29 years I have also realized I am not a fun person.  I get stressed super easy, I take things rather seriously, and I want everything to be perfect.  Life as we all know does not cater to these unrealistic ideas I have.  So I am bound and determined to make the next 29 years a little more fun, to relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy what God has given me.  Life truly is a gift.  The good, bad, ugly, and not so much fun times are a gift.  At least you get to experience something everyday.  


So as I turn 29 on this day I would like to reflect on how very thankful I am for the gifts God has bestowed upon me: Eric, Molly, Lucy, friends, family, health...overall a pretty darn good life. 


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday, sweet friend!

Zion said...

Good quote and really good goal for the next 29 years. I am 30 and I have had the same feelings about realizing a professional is younger than you (like a Doctor, Teacher, or Cop. I totally understand. It just doesn't seem right!