Monday, February 18, 2013

Miscellany Monday

Its' that time...
1. We had a great time celebrating Valentine's Day last week!  It started off with oatmeal chocolate chip pancakes for the girls, a heart shaped peanut butter sandwich for Molly and a heart note in her lunch box.  Little gifts and picking my parents up from the airport.  It was such a fun, love filled day!

2. We celebrated my birthday {early} on Saturday with my parents.  We ate at a great Mexican place where they sang to me while I wore a huge sombrero on my head, thankfully my husband has no technique when it comes to a camera, so there are no pictures of this event.  Nor did he prove to be any more successful when using the video camera on his phone.  You don't even see me in the video, but you do hear them call me "the big one."  They thought it was Molly's birthday so I totally let them put the hat on her, until my step-dad promptly told them "no, it's the big one!"  So then all the waiters and waitresses repeatedly kept saying "oh the big one" over and over.  Yes, I am the big one.

3. My mom and step-dad took Molly to the mall to get a cake for me.  I love cookie cakes, so it was a no brainer on what type of cake to get me, but for what it would say on it Molly picked that out all be herself.  Molly asked the cookie place to write "Happy Birthday February Girl" on my cake.  She even chose pink, white, and blue icing.  She was so proud of her selections, and so was I.  I love that Molly loves birthdays just as much as I do! 

4. My mom got me Melanie Shankle's {Big Mama} book for my birthday, and it was so good!  I am not a reader and I started around 9pm on Saturday night, read until I kept falling asleep and then finished it during nap time on Sunday!  It seriously was one of the best books I have ever read!  You will laugh, you will cry, you will laugh till you cry, seriously, so so so good!
Happy Monday!

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Zion said...

Awww, the big one. That is funny. Happy Birthday and valentine's day!