Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cue the Crickets

Nothing, nothing, nothing is what you all have been hearing, err...reading around here.  In the last week I have planned and executed a 30th Surprise party for my hubby, we celebrated last Friday with 50 of our closest friends, yes 50!  Molly had 3 dress rehearsals and a dance recital, and I planned a housewarming party for our church's new building.  It's been a tad busy in our house.  Plus this week we are gearing up to celebrate Easter in our church's new building, so my husband's every waking moment is spent at church and mine is trying to stay sane at home!

But hopefully I will get back into my groove of sporadically blogging, ha! 

My in-laws were able to come for a visit to celebrate Eric's 30th birthday and watch Molly's dance recital.  It's always fun visiting with them, staying up late playing cards, and laughing over silly things that I usually say or do.  The girls love seeing their grandparents and running around with grandma playing games.  We did an Easter egg hunt on Sunday with the girls.  My mother-in-law and I stuffed and hid eggs all over our house, and Molly and Lucy ran around finding them.  It was a lot of fun!  Lucy of course enjoyed the candy and Molly was intrigued by the Mexican jumping beans she found. 

Despite Spring officially happening last week we still have about 3 feet of snow on the ground with no hopes of it leaving.  With Spring break next week, I am a little worried we will be trapped inside all day, everyday!  I am actually trying to find some cheap and fun day trips to do with the girls.  Eric wants to finish our work-in progress basement, so the girls and I need to escape for a couple of days. 

Well, time to move one to the next thing on my to-do list today...and hopefully I can get caught up on reading some posts from the last 3 weeks! 

Happy Wednesday!  


HappyascanB said...

You have been busy!!! Wow!

Love all the pictures! Looks like the girls loved hunting eggs. My Molly has enjoyed it, too... Although I just hide empty eggs!?! :-)

Zion said...

That's real life for ua. I totally get it! Your little dancer is too cute!