Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Easy Easter Decor

On Sunday I started decorating for Spring and Easter.  I love Spring colors, well really any color that could make this nasty Wisconsin weather seem cheerful.  I usually decorate my buffet table in the kitchen for holiday/seasonal stuff.  That's my designated area to do what I want with.  But Spring is different, I have different decorations that can't just be displayed or lined up on the buffet table without it looking like a garage sale.  So I take over the mantle and parts of our shelves in the living room.  I spread it all out, and as my husband would say "litter my stuff all over."

As I was decorating I realized I had nothing for the buffet table, oddly enough.  So I pulled out my wide mouth glass hurricane I purchased from Goodwill so many years ago.  I had extra floral strands I was going to use with a candle, but decided to put some plastic Easter eggs to use. 

So I just dumped the eggs into the hurricane and hoped for the best.  Honestly, it has taken me a while to warm up to the plastic factor going on in there.  But overall I like it, and it brings a pop of color to our boring beige kitchen.  Plus, after Easter in a couple weeks I will change the eggs out and probably use the floral strands with the candle.

Easy peasy, 1, 2, voila Easter decor...


Zion said...

Cute! There are so many purposes for easter eggs and every year I say I am saving mine, but with all the moving we've been doing I just end up buying new ones : /

Lori @ EncourageYourSpouse.com said...

Hah - looked at those plastic eggs in my "junk" closet, and couldn't think what to do with them since all my kids are grown... Thanks for the idea!