Thursday, March 7, 2013

Floor Signing

Two weeks our church met in our new building...if you didn't know we bought an old Wal-Mart and are renovating it.  The floor in the auditorium was scheduled to get carpet laid the next day, so we all gathered to write names on the floor of the people we were praying would find Jesus.  It was a very cold and gross night, so we weren't sure how many to expect or how people would receive this new thing we were doing.  But it was awesome!  People kept filing in one by one, family by family, and small group by small group.  We had over 200 people there to write names on the floor.

It was a great experience to have with Molly.  We talked about the people we wanted to find Jesus, or even find a church home, and what that all meant.  She asked questions and we did our best to answer her honestly and in a kid like manner.  Molly was so excited to participate.  And as a parent, it was awesome to see her get excited about sharing Jesus with people.

Molly wrote about everyone in her class down, along with some teachers, and some other people she thought of.  And she does pray for them, and talks about inviting them all to church.  As stressful as this building has been, it's been totally worth it because it has created a new energy amongst our members.

I am so proud to be part of a church that prays for the lost and will do whatever it takes to reach them.


PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

How cool! Congratulations on the space, and what a beautiful idea to literally add the names of those you pray for to the space.

HappyascanB said...

What a special night!!

Lori @ said...

Beautiful way to build vision.