Monday, March 11, 2013

Miscellany Monday

Happy Miscellany Monday!

1. When I turned the calendar from February to March I was shocked...for us typically boring people we have something scheduled every weekend during the month of March, EVERY.WEEKEND!  Most weekends multiple things on each it April yet?

2. Every Thursday morning for the last 5 weeks Lucy and I have been attending story time at the library.  While I can't say it's the greatest, I think she has fun and it at least gets us out of the house and me out of my sweats :)

2. Lucy attended her first ever legit kid party on Saturday.  {At least that I can remember}  We left big sis at home with dad, and Lucy and I headed off to party.  And then when the birthday girl started opening gifts we headed for the door.  I know Lucy needs to learn to be okay with other people receiving gifts, but I was so over the whining and crying.  For mommy's sanity we left.  I did the same thing with Molly when she was younger, too.  For me it's not worth the battle right now. 

3. We had to leave the party a little early to begin with, so the crying over the gifts was perfect to sneak out, because I had to help my little ballerina get ready for her mini-dance show.  One thing I love about Molly's dance school is her teacher.  Sure, this is her 42nd year teaching dance, no lie, and she is a little out there at times, but she sure does love to give back.  Molly's dance teacher doesn't just teach little kids dance, she teaches senior citizens how to dance, too!  Miss Kathleen {the dance teacher} also likes to show off her little dancers to her big dancers.  So to get ready for the big recital we go around to different senior centers and perform for the residents.  It's fun to watch the kids perform and show off their moves, and deep down I am always praying that by recital time they look 100 times better than they do now! 
{ #1 Sorry the pic is so big, Blogger wouldn't let me re-size}
{ #2 I have reverted back to side bangs as you can see}
{ #3 The jury is still out on #2}
4. We tried for a good picture yesterday and I think we finally got one after 25 tries...

{Again, wouldn't let me re-size}

5. I started my Spring decorating yesterday.  I finally took down V-Day stuff 2 weeks ago and never did anything, and then this past week when our small group came over everyone commented on my lack of decor for Easter/Spring...even guys noticed.  So I knew it was time I did something about it.  I have a lot of Eastery stuff, at least I feel like it, so after Easter the bunnies will go away, but most of the Spring'ish stuff will stay.  So here's a sneak peek...
{Again with the pic re-size, my word!}

So there is my Miscellany Monday, how about you?


Amy said...

Love the update. I hear you on having to walk away during gift time. It is so hard for the little ones to get at this time.

Unknown said...

Yikes I have yet to put out one springy thing in my house! i need to get on that:))

Susan said...

Your girls are just adorable. Cute pictures...♥

Zion said...

I love all of the pictures and the size looks normal on my screen. If you only knew how many times my bangs have changed, it's ridiculous. I like the look on you. Enjoy your super busy month!