Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Resurrection Eggs

One thing I love about Molly's age {5} is I feel like we are getting to the point of intentionality with each passing holiday and she is getting it.  Since she was little we have always talked about the importance and significance behind Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.  But now I feel like she gets it, or is getting it, and it makes it fun for us as her parents, too.   

Three years ago I bought resurrection eggs after Easter on sale.  I thought they looked like a fun way to share the Easter story with Molly {and now with Lucy}. 

 What are resurrection eggs, I am glad you asked.

Resurrection Eggs are 12 eggs that come in a carton, each egg is filled with something physical {it fits in your hand} that you will use to tell the Easter story.  Each day you will read the "daily devo/thought" from the little booklet, open the egg for the day, and then discuss it with your kid.  Molly likes to hold the object in her hand and examine it, she will ask questions and we will talk about the object for the rest of the day. 

I am a visual learner so I love anything that can be a physical reminder of what I just learned about.  If I look at a stone I can remember the stone that was rolled away from the tomb, etc.

With Easter coming up on us you can still probably find Resurrection Eggs at your local Christian Bookstore, or find them online.  Even if you miss the first day due to shipping, it's easy to catch up.

We also will be reading some stories from the Jesus Storybook Bible.  I love that Bible! 

How do you make Easter come alive for your kids?   

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Unknown said...

i shouldve gotten some of those eggs!